Learning To Believe Again

by The_Seeker 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • OnTheWayOut

    You told us your story very well. Thanks, and sorry about your JW family stull in bondage. Most of us can relate in many ways.

    I am confident that Watchtower and its men only have the power over us that we give them, so we must learn not to give them any.

    Most here are seekers on their own path. My path, which includes atheism, is also a spiritual one. I see some religions as pacifiers. The good "in" them is really from good people.

  • The_Seeker

    I have read many texts that are held as scripture by the religions of the world and what I have found is that whether you are reading The Bible, The Talmud, or any text that is considered scripture there is always the interpretation factor. I have spoken with people of the same religion who hold different interpretations of the same scripture and can not agree which is correct. The truth is, both and neither. We must all find God in our own way see him or her through our own eyes and feel their presence with our own heart. I am closest to the Divine when I am in the wilderness surrounded by the majestic beauty of creation, it is there that I can sense the Divine and truly commune with God. I do not hold to any one set of beliefs any more than any other, spirituality is a path with twists and turns, it is a journey, not a destination. When I can walk through the woods and feel the breathe of God in the breeze, then I can listen to what is whispered in my ear and move a little further down the path of spirituality.

    In Love and Peace

    The Seeker

  • Ponyo

    How beautiful seeker. Thanks for sharing. I feel as though I’m starting my own journey in a similar way.

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