Spanish Forum is being shut down

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  • steve2

    sp74bb, ILoveTATT2 or anyone else: Do the owners of the Spanish Forum give any reasons for the closure in December?

  • Simon

    Someone asked me via PM if I could help so just wanted to make it know that hosting another forum instance is very easy with the software this site runs on and I'd be happy to do so as long as other language speakers were willing to moderate.

    The platform this site runs on is multi-tenanted (so sites are independent), cloud hosted (so few limits to scale) and heavily optimized to reduce costs (which is often what bites after the initial euphoria of creating a new site recedes).

    Anyway, the offer's there if needed.

  • Hecce
    sp74bb, ILoveTATT2 or anyone else: Do the owners of the Spanish Forum give any reasons for the closure in December?

    The majority of the people familiar with the Forum closure understand the owner's reasoning. They have taken care and buried three of their elderly parents and right now they are dealing with only surviving one left, she is in a very delicate condition. So they are overwhelmed.

    They have given ample time and are willing to allow for the transfer of the information. Simon's offer will be a blessing for the Spanish community.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    @suavojr: The site admin said it wasn't a joke, that they were closing down the site come December.

    @Sanchy: Pretty sure.

    @Crazyguy: I have been working on it for the past two years. About 30% of the site has been translated already. See

    @sp74bb: Would you consider merging into this site?

    @Simon: I would be willing to moderate it with sp74bb, if he wants.

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Who qualifies to be a moderator? Spanish is my first language, so if in the eyes of decision makers I can do a decent job, I volunteer for that job in my spare time.

  • sp74bb

    Simon, I offer myself to moderate a Spanish version.

  • Simon

    There are three parts to this so it's worth breaking down the options:

    Domain Name

    If the existing domain address should be kept then this would need to be re-pointed once any replacement site was up and running. Possibly the ownership / responsibility for renewing should also be passed on (if the existing owners want a clean break).

    Archive of Existing Site

    If the existing posts are to be kept then ideally an archive //database backup would be provided to import from. On option would be to obfuscate all account information, another would be to make those accounts 'live' so people could imply sign-in - the options really depend on the security setup (for what's possible) and what people want to pass on.

    New Site / Moderators

    A new site could always be setup as a fresh entity with no domain name re-direction or archive imported but obviously it loses a certain amount of continuity and all the information that has been built up which is likely of value to others in the process of leaving and wanting support etc... as well as the existing members who want to continue with it which is why the previous options would help immensely with getting a new site off to a good start.

    Having native language speakers to moderate would also be essential. I'm happy to completely hand that off to the other folk who have volunteered as the amount of Spanish I know is low to zero. But I'm happy to help with advice on running a community forum and of course provide technical resources including the platform and hosting. A benefit of it being multi-tenanted is that all sites benefit as the software is improved and developed.

    As for "who qualifies to moderate" ... as long as people are known and respected and can get along with each other probably most people would. Maybe that's something for those involved to figure out between themselves and we can then discuss practicalities and how the tools work.

    Let's make this happen!

  • sp74bb

    Hello Simon,

    Domain: The owners of forum do not want to transfer it

    Back up: after doing one back up the database has been corrupted. It will be quite difficult to arrange it.

    Moderators: A few are available...

  • smiddy

    I hope this becomes a successful venture ,the more exposure against the cult the better.

  • Hecce

    Well, it has been down for two days; should be for technical reasons but it is leaving a huge void for the ones that are addicted to it.

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