Why did the Governing Body come behind the curtain?

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  • punkofnice
    Why did the Governing Body come around the curtain and expose themselves?

    I could have so much fun with this statement. But...head out of the toilet....my sensible answer.

    Because they love themselves.

  • slimboyfat

    A combinations of reasons. For one the new focus on digital broadcasting meant someone had to front the program. Who if not the governing body? Plus some on the governing body clearly have huge egos, in particular tight pants Tony. Others such as Loesch and Herd seem less eager to be in front of the camera.

    But I notice they've cut back severely on their appearances. At first there was a GB member every month, then every second month, then they decided to take December and January off completely. Who knows maybe they'll retreat even further. The one amazing thing about Watchtower cutbacks is they never seem to stop.

  • pale.emperor

    I sincerely hope they dont stop putting the GB in front of the camera. I love seeing this rubber faced idiot making a fool of himself.

    I have to wonder WHY the rest of the GB let Stephen Lett go in front of the camera. Surely they can see he's an embarrassment? How he got elected in the first place is a real miracle.

    There are some very good speakers in the cult that i remember. I can still remember some from the North West of England like Dennis Green (DO), Paul Robson (CO), Don Wilson (CO)... you knew when these were gonna give a talk that it was going to be good. They'd have you on the edge of your seat. Why not use people like that?
  • sir82

    Why did the governing body come out from behind the curtain?

    Ego. Vanity. Lust for adulation. Take your pick.

  • Incognito

    Although JWs claim they do not worship mere mortals, the GB knew, JWs around the world would worship and revere them. If JWs didn't recognize who the GB members are, JWs would be less likely to put them up on the highest pedestal.

    sir82in 10 hoursin 10 hoursin 10 hoursWhy did the governing body come out from behind the curtain?
    Ego. Vanity. Lust for adulation. Take your pick.

    They all seem scared of the camera and look stiff. They are not great speakers. Samuel Herd looks like he's the bearer of bad news and can't wait to get off the scene.

    I think they like all the attention/adulation but it seems they were forced to make these broadcasts from either the Watchtower lawyers or hired a media company to take them into the 21st century. I think they will retreat from these broadcasts and call it a failure.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Two things- The latest Governing Body was stacked with "Ted Jaracz Yes-Men." He and the gang put a bunch of organizational ass-kissers in, so they could retain power with a voting block. WELL, THEY ARE FREE OF TED NOW, able to think for themselves, only they don't think for themselves.

    The second thing is that money is hemorrhaging like crazy. Large printing corporations are dead or near dead. Some money people at Watchtower are focused on managing the crisis by selling Brooklyn and now selling Kingdom Halls. They probably told the GB (the guys who don't think well for themselves) to re-invent Watchtower as a charismatic-leaders organization and to do it within a set time (like a decade or so) to abandon printing.
    They just forgot that these guys are not very charismatic.

  • Boredposter

    Wait, did you say they have been seen signing Bibles? Is that true? Isn't that creature worship?

  • pale.emperor

    Taken from the May 15, 1999 Watchtower, page 8.


    Taken from the May 15, 1999 Watchtower, page 8.

    Thank you pale.emperor for the info and photo.

    Taken from the May 15, 1999 Watchtower, page 8.

    Go to Youtube.com and fill in the box and enjoy the video: Governing Body Pope Autographing Bibles

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