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  • lastmanstanding

    I hope to make a very interesting post here, and informative. I’m quite sure no one here has heard this content.

    I would like to finally make known some heretofore undisclosed details concerning something that has affected probably everyone on this board to some degree.

    I want to provide some details that only I can give, and soon, merge those details with yet more details that only Barbara Anderson can provide, as she was privy to those particular events. She told me she’d gladly contribute.

    For some, it was the thing that pried their eyes open, for others it was another nail in the coffin, and for the rest, confirmation. But it touched you. And I hear it is still touching yet others.

    Why am I telling this now, five years after the fact? Because the past week’s Watchtology session on Zoom with the new Ezekiel book from JW land of OZ showed me that my trip to New York five years ago has had some effect, I believe, I would hope anyway.

    If you care to read what JWs have been filling their minds with that motivated this post, here’s the link. Suffice to say I have captured below the important part.


    The point is that there is something missing, obvious by its omission.

    4 … For many decades, that is what our publications said. However, a further … adjustment …the title Gog of Magog refers, … to a visible human enemy —a coalition of nations that will fight against pure worship.

    What happened to the fiery language directed at the United Nations from decades past? For example see below history.

    w15 7/15 p. 15-16
    Jehovah God will put “his thought” into the hearts of “the ten horns” of the “scarlet-colored wild beast.” These horns represent all the present political powers that give support to the United Nations, an organization pictured by the “scarlet-colored wild beast.” —Read Revelation 17:3, 16-18.

    The new Zeke book continues.

    10 … refers to earthly nations… Those nations will undoubtedly form a coalition, …they will band together somehow. …the nations will need to be united …the earthly nations that will attack …
    15 …soon a coalition of earthly nations will invade…
    18 … the nations into carrying out… the attack…
    19 The nations will “devise an evil plan.”…The nations will also …The nations will seek to plunder …
    20 The nations may try to disrupt our…the nations will try to efface …

    This was all in one chapter.

    Moving on to my story.

    Five years ago this past summer, I flew to New York and met with an officer of the United Nations and a staffer at the UN Department of Public Information. Katheryn, the UN officer, and Filipo the staffer at the UNDPI met us at the main entrance of the UN and welcomed us inside. We met for over an hour and talked all about Watchtower and the secret affiliation.

    My intention was to get copies of the contents of “the file”. I asked Filipo rhetorically “you do have a file?” Filipo replied by outstretching his arm with his palm face down towards the table, hovering over the table 8 inches indicating its size, and he said it was in a file cabinet right behind the wall.

    Katheryn (UN officer) sat silent, listening and observing. Now she’s a full officer and speaks on behalf of the UN. She was pleasant, a Canadian by birth and from Mississauga ON CA. We briefly broke into a conversation about my sibling who lived there.

    I explained to Katheryn that JWs were misinformed, fooled even, and as such believed in an organization that asks them to die refusing a blood transfusion. I explained that if JWs knew that Watchtower Bible & Tract Society sent officials “to sit in this very room and to sign documents partnering with you”, that they would be shocked out of their minds, and out of the organization. As such their chance of survival would go up. That was my agenda.

    Katheryn was curious as to why that would be the case.

    You know, we take Watchtower garbage for granted, but to outsiders, well… they have no idea.

    So, I began to explain what Watchtower preaches about the UN.

    Interestingly, Fillipo is a Mormon. He volunteered that to me. Mormons are no more fond of JWs than JWs are fond of Mormons. So, Fillipo took out his phone as I was explaining the slut of the apocalypse to Katheryn -as the UN is viewed- whilst Filipo brought up a picture of the seven headed, ten horned beast of the Apocalypse from the JW publications and showed his phone to Katheryn.

    Eye opener.

    I want to describe the look on Katheryn’s face as she began to comprehend from my explanation, and the photo, the true nature of Watchtower.

    Her look was ‘What bastard-child of the Devil’s whore would so thoroughly preach that poison to everyone and think they could crawl in here to partner with us “to promote UN programmes” ….?

    I would just like to mention that it is my sincerest wish that Watchtower’s appointed drones who read the content here take every word straight to the devils they work for at WT HQ

    Back to my story.


    You don’t just walk into a meeting with someone at the UN. To get the meeting I took a photo of my face with me holding the original letter signed by Paul Hoeffel at my cheek, the first UN letter that I gave a copy of to Ray Franz for the final edition of Crisis of Conscience. And I registered at the Canadian Consulate in NYC and told them. I explained my history with the UN and asked for a meeting. They obliged, actually I was surprised. I was overlooking Time Square 5 floors up as I read the email just the day before.

    Some might be wondering what the hell Watchtower had in mind when they partnered with the United Nations.

    I will explain something. They didn’t have to go into the big UN building. The office of the UNDPI is at 801 First Avenue NYC, across the street from the main UN gate and adjacent the Dept. of State building. It’s rather unassuming. The visitors center is on the main floor, the DPI is on the second floor. We took pics and vids.

    Such being the case, they surely felt that they weren’t being hypocritical, as the “beast” was still across the street, like being outside the church and only listening at the window like a spy. And we all know that lying is not lying if it’s sanctioned by the main boobs who of course talk to gawd.

    Being there, in that office, sitting in the conference room at the same table as Ciro sat when he signed the papers agreeing on behalf of Watchtower and all JWs of course, “to support the UN and its initiatives…” it really brought home what kind of dogs these men are.

    Barb, in our last phone call told me all the details of what was going on at 25 Columbia Heights during the partnership’s beginning. I hope to share that soon. Last we spoke she said she’d help make a short documentary. It shows that Ciro was not acting alone, like some kind of renegade.

    I’d like to post a few pics and a vid. Bit if you Google the address then you can see the building. The entrance is on the side facing the Dept. Of State and the elevator is right there. It’s possible for practically anyone to get access if you represent something of interest to the UN.

    Indeed, the UN DPI did NOT do their research to know what diseases were had by those whom they crawled in to bed with. It became an embarrassment as was obvious by what happened next.

    Filipo was eager to help me, as was mentioned, he is a Mormon. He promised me that day that in the coming days when I returned home, he would supply me wth material from Watchtower’s files.


    Filipo, with whom I had been in regular contact, broke off all contact after this meeting. It became obvious to me that this whole matter became to them distasteful. And I tried multiple times and in various ways. No luck.

    That said, I will recall to the reader the early days of Watchtology… when the the prez and his main minions got their backsides tossed into the pen because of the garbage they printed. I don’t see these hypocrites getting arrested, but I don’t see “THE UNITED NATIONS” mentioned in their rags any longer either.

    I am thinking about the “bro’s” in Russia. It is now kind of hard for Watchtower to cry to the UN that they aren’t what Putin says they are… when they indeed are what they are…. Putin or no.

    Let’s see if the UN whore of the Apocalypse will offer the Watchtower any support in the coming days.

    I think Watchtower is right on one matter, that a day is coming for ‘false religion’ to get it in the eye. And I think Watchtower will be leading that pack as they swirl the bowl.

  • nowwhat?

    I too have noticed the U N.has been conspicuously absent. Either they finally had to acknowledge it's an impotent organization with no teeth. most if not all nations are not going to get their marching orders from it. Or they can't continue to badmouth it and then turn around and ask for assistance when persecution arises

  • GrreatTeacher

    I'm willing to bet on the latter.

    The lawyers seem to be running the show and have likely told them to knock the badmouthing off.

    Then, you tweak the wording slightly and you never hear about the United Nations again.

    New light then morphs to, "We never taught that."

    Cults 101

  • asp59

    Like Jesus Said People can predict the next days weather if the sighns are there. How come people can not see the end of this org soon when there are so many things pointing to it? Think this org is the first to go.

  • lastmanstanding


    I see so many arguments here, over god vs no god ... and mostly the no god camp the larger one. I won't argue it. Let the chips fall where they may. For my part, I want to see WTBTS burn. And then the Church burn right behind it. And the mosques and synagouges ... and all the rest. So I have done my part, even if it meant flying to NYC to face the beast in person, as it were, and set the record straight as it were so that the common man may be free.

    Free to choose, life or death. But choose.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello lastmanstanding,

    many thanks for your excellent post and the uncovering

    of the mighty - for not too long - WTBS Ins and its

    "Governing Body' Please let us know any further news on the


    I was pleased to read abourt you subjet, because following an

    information from a famous Norvigian poster fid id stat a topic

    -20 years ago - entitled:


    If you have some time...look at it!

    Again many thanks for your post - downloaded into my archives -

    My best greetings,

    JC MacHislopp

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    -20 years ago NGO's and WTBS discovery will knock your socks off.

  • lastmanstanding

    Beth sarim

    Its still affecting people. And as the UN bashing has disappeared, along with the Revelation Climax book, good discussions can get opened.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''along with the Revelation Climax book, good discussions can get opened.''

    Revelation Climax book & other books like these, hang on to them like they are gold!!

    I posted on another thread just minutes ago, in relation to this about books like these.

    Like the Proclaimers book, Reasoning Book, Aid to Bible Understanding, just to name a few.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    ''-20 years ago NGO's and WTBS discovery will knock your socks off.''

    It wasn't about until sometime around Oct 2007, when I stumbled across one of Rick Fearons first videos where he talked about the WT being involved with the UN. At first, I didn't believe it. After digging around for a bit, the dominoes fall, and fall, and fall....

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