Praise Jehovah God, Jehovah's Witnesses are not part of 'The Disinformation Dozen'

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  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

    'So who are the Disinformation Dozen? Here they are:

    1. Joseph Mercola
    2. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
    3. Ty and Charlene Bollinger
    4. Sherri Tenpenny
    5. Rizza Islam
    6. Rashid Buttar
    7. Erin Elizabeth
    8. Sayer Ji
    9. Kelly Brogan
    10. Christiane Northrup
    11. Ben Tapper
    12. Kevin Jenkins
    This isn’t a free speech or First Amendment issue; private companies aren’t required to provide a platform for anyone. And I’m not calling for the Disinformation Dozen to be arrested or legally punished for spreading misinformation, even though it is harmful, and even though they are indirectly killing people by their actions.'
    according to Steven Salzberg

  • was a new boy
  • was a new boy
  • was a new boy
    was a new boy

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    Quotes From The Studies In The Scriptures "The Finished Mystery" Volume 7 1917

  • mickbobcat

    In America misinformation is protected free speech. Not to mention this is just a label that the left puts on shit to try to shut down decent against their propaganda. As countries like the UK and others who are moving toward being totalitarian in that they are squashing freedom and free speech while embracing idiots like Kahn of Lundumb is just sick.

  • Me.Wonderful

    My wife is a nurse and has been sucked into this Covid nonsense. We don't even sleep in the same bed anymore.

    Every single death and hospitalization where she works is in the either unvaccinated or party vaccinated group. Not 98% or 99%, its 100%.

    What the right wing is doing to the country is truly despicable. Taking advantage of the stupid, uneducated and narcissistic. If I wanted to be proud of my stupidity and ignorance I would still be banging on doors Saturday morning. Freedom of speech isn't freedom to yell fire in a crowded theatre.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @me: freedom of speech indeed implies the freedom to yell fire in a crowded theater. The notion that you can’t was overturned by the Supreme Court a century ago.

    Putting limits on free speech because you don’t like the outcome has been the MO for the left since the advent of this country.

    If we had to listen to the left on everything from masks to vaccines, we’d have neither by now.

    Trump, Big Pharma and Capitalism is what made vaccines available to those that are at risk of the virus, and in that group 90% are currently vaccinated, vaccine hesitancy and government disinformation on the facts has been driven by Biden since before he even took office. Forcing a vaccine on people that by and large don’t need it is bad. Forcing masks and distancing after it has been know for nearly a year that it doesn’t work, is bad. That’s what people stand up for. Trump told us the blanket lockdowns were bad, he was right, Fauci knew it, the WHO knew it.


    Wow Me. You really need to get more information from sources that aren’t tied to the Mainstream media, people that aren’t in Big Pharma and Big Tech’s pocket.

    Why don’t you call up the Inventor of MRNA or one of the hundreds if not thousands of Virologists world wide who completely disagree with the current narrative and practices.

    Call them stupid, uneducated and narcissistic. I would love to see that convo…

    Do you have any idea which groups are patent holders and heavily invested in the experimental MRNA shots?? I’ll give you one.. Big Tech, who even now is getting permission to spy/censor the public even more by the Biden Administration.

    Ironically, no one is guilty of spreading more misinformation than the Left.


  • Diogenesister

    was a new boy

    was a new boy2 days ago
    By Pushing Mass Vaccination, Governments Have Created Evolutionary Pressures on SARS-CoV-2
    Now although I disagree with you on much of what you've been saying, there is no doubt that this is correct. But it really isn't the whole story.
    For instance even with the type of vaccination programme this doctor advocates, there are two factors to consider.

    Firstly, the virus would have mutated at some point anyway. For example someone with HiV gets the virus and finds it hard to clear it. Genomic sequencing has shown in the past that such patients have developed mutations similar to the Kent and South African variants on the spike protein.

    The Doctor advocates immunising only medical workers and the vulnerable. But there are "grey areas" as to who is in the vulnerable category. Some people there is no contest - the very elderly, for example. For some there is no issue they don't require it, the healthy under 35's, say. But what about someone who is in their late forties, male, a little on the tubby side but otherwise healthy and married to a medical worker. Should this person be vaccinated? And so on up and down the line of that "grey area" section of the population. At what point are we willing to take the risk?

  • pistolpete

    But what about someone who is in their late forties, a little on the tubby side but otherwise healthy and married to a medical worker. Should this person be vaccinated? And so on up and down the line of that "grey area" section of the population. At what point are we willing not to take the risk?

    See that is a good point! And that is the reason why I never gave my opinion to my relatives on whether they should take or refrain from taking the vaccine.

    You said "Late" forties, but I say once you hit late 30s, it's possible your body has changed significantly. We have to accept that once you leave your 20s, you are not the same person health wise. I hate to say this but our bodies start breaking down once we hit the 30s. Gray hair starts appearing in some at about 32 years of age. Why? Because that is a sign that pigmentation in hair is breaking down. Other people are healthier and don't get grey hair till their 70s.

    And that's the problem. We as humans are all different. We all have differing weaknesses in different parts of our body. That why some people die in their 50s of cancer, or get alzheimer's disease and lose it mentally at a young age.

    No one has the ability to look into their own brain, heart, kidneys, arteries, liver, and so on. We can get a yearly medical checkup but the doctors can't catch everything with a lab test, blood work or x-rays.

    So it comes down to this.

    Each person has the right to DECIDE WHAT THEY WILL DO.





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