When you were an active WT door knocker... How did you knock?

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  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind

    Most of the time I knocked like LoveUniHateExams. In Florida there was often a screened in porch on the front of the house. Then I would knock on the screen door. If it was a mobile home I would knock on the side of the house.

    One time my partner knocked on the door. From the inside we heard "Hello". She proceeded with her introduction but no one came to the door. We had been witnessing to a talking myna bird!

    Reopened Mind

  • blondie
    If someone was with me....of course the city worker was paid by the city and perhaps paid extra for every person she contacted and not a liar by nature.
  • Ucantnome

    When I was preschool my father would try to make field service more interesting by having me ring the doorbell and offering an invitation to the householder he's just had an hour's argument with before we left. It didn't work and usually I was being told off for looking uninterested in what he'd been talking about on the door. What a bad witness. Of course he was telling the householder how he would never grow old and die. Well he grew old and died.

    I would knock or ring the bell when I pioneered with the intent of finding someone home. One elder was known to pretend to ring the bell.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    I remember working with a timid little old sister. I would give the doors my usual 123 knock, but when it came to her, she would very gently tap the door with the back of her hand just once with her gloves on. A pin dropping would have been louder. I got the impression she was hoping no one came to the door!

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @RebelFighter. WT/JW..Org taught all of us that we are NOT solicitors. Oh, my. Such a dirty word! But what else were we untimately doing?

    We were brainwashed to think we were doing a noble cause in the name of god Jehovah. We were taking the time out of our busy day to bring these heathen people a life saving message. What a load of you know what.

    We were there as brain washed zombies, regurgitating what we had been repetedly told what to Believe, how to Believe and how to deliver the same message to unsuspecting householders.

    That is rather funny you telling them to learn to read. lol

    WT blantantly teaches it's followers to LIE. We got a territory map, went to that location and tried to "sell" the WT religion. But we are not supposed to say selling. And heavens above. Never use the word recruiting. lol We are supposed to say... We are calling on our neighbors, sharing a scriptural thought, just as you mentioned. So what the heck were we doing, if not trying to find equally guillible people. We wern't selling Encyclopedia's door to door. We were basically cold calling on strangers trying to sell WT literature, hoping to con other unsuspecting lonely people into the con game as well. We are "placing" the literature, not "selling" it... Huh??? But then there was a change up. Only asking for donations now. Before we were asking for the printing cost to be covered. WT JW..Org is a shameful sham of a so called, Christian religion.

    Thank you everyone for sharing (your joy in the ministry... lol) how you contacted the householder.


    When you were an active WT door knocker... How did you knock?

    Hey Lady!..


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  • SnakesInTheTower

    As a pioneer and elder, I "volunteered" to be the odd number in a car group and "offered" to work by myself so others didn't have to. Also, I often "extended the offer" to drive my vehicle. And "kindly" moved the car every block so others wouldn't have to walk back so far. All of this was "greatly appreciated." Especially since coffee breaks were a priority. Time counting for me was "fluid."

    If, after all of that, I still had to actually had to knock at a door? Phantom knock or bell ringing, Pioneer, "extensive" record keeping. On the rare times I spoke to someone? Either 30 second tract offer, or 10 minute conversation about pets, gardens, etc.

    I was SUCH a great example.

    Snakes (Rich)

    PS... when I became a in person "at the door" bill collector, I knocked like a damn cop. LOL. So, not afraid of knocking.

  • Londo111

    Doorbell. Wait for 30 seconds to a minute and ring again. If there was no doorbell or it wasn't working I did a moderate knock.

    Since I wasn't awake back then and thought I'd be bloodguilty if I just pretended, I did make a good faith effort, but at the same time knew how startling and annoying it was when someone came to my door. Like most JWs, I didn't want to be there either and was hoping nobody would answer.

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