Two For One!

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  • snugglebunny

    Back in the day - yeah, I know, most things I write start like that! However - back in the day there was an implicit rule ratio of 2 to 1 when it came to counting time.

    Two witnesses witnessing to one person for one hour would count one hour each. Two for one! One hour received by the householder and two hours counted on the Report Card. So pioneers used to love accompanying publishers on remote Bible studies to ramp up their hours.

    So today I finally answered my own question when I observed two witnesses attending one (very depleted) witness cart at one end of our local High street and another (also very depleted) witness cart about 100 yards away that was attended by one lone JW.

    Clearly, 3 dubbies had turned up to man the one witness cart. But rules being rules about counting time, they'd gotten by the 2 for 1 rule and split the display in half. BTW, it was also as windy as hell in the High Street today, I didn't see anyone else between the 2 carts apart from me. Obviously these three guys were gonna hang in there, literally holding on to their hats and drinking from their Thermos flasks until they'd got their time in.

    What a daft way to live.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Considering the JW's typically speak to NO ONE while manning the carts, what difference does it matter who or how many are "counting time"?

    It's like the pioneers who write letters to "Not-At-Homes" -- They could write the letter one time and print out 100 copies, BUT then they could only "count their time" for ONE LETTER vs 100 letters.

    One thing Pioneers know everything about -- COUNTING TIME vs MAKING TIME COUNT

  • eyeuse2badub

    At the end of the service year the ONLY thing that is important to a jw is "how much time" they spent in service. Not a bit concerned about how many people they actually helped. A pioneers' most important question on September 2nd is "Did you make your time?"

    just saying!

  • Ding

    Do they really want to reach anyone with their "life saving message"?

    For so many JWs, it's all about putting in time and waiting for fireballs from heaven...

  • sparky1

    "Two For One!" - snugglebunny

    I guess the "two witness" rule could even apply to the preaching work!

  • snugglebunny
  • john.prestor

    Yeah, it's more about status than results and quantity over quality. Everyone would come away with a sense of failure if they only counted converts, since from everything I read and hear they barely convert anyone door to door or through the carts. They're also social events, it keeps Witnesses talking, keeps them close.

  • zeb

    5 jw went on rural witnessing.The day lasted 6 hours. thats 30 hours logged. Thats how it used to be here.

    I asked about it and was told thats how it is...

  • jonahstourguide

    And, zeb, that's how it still is here in Melbourne and surrounds.


    P.S. Talk about double dipping !!!!!!!

  • Drearyweather
    Two witnesses witnessing to one person for one hour would count one hour each.

    I don't think anything is wrong with that counting. In an office, if 2 people are working on 1 project for 8 hours each, the client is billed for 16 hours of productive time.

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