Is there such a thing as true religion?

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  • Crazyguy2

    Here is the truth of religion, you are born and someday you will die. God had nothing todo with it!

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Harris, Isaac J. "Debating the 6 Biblical Proofs of the Jehovah's Witnesses." Learn Religions, Jun. 25, 2019,

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @Litfog,this is interesting because it summarises the JW viewpoint. I'm glad it concludes with the dismissal of their claims being merely subjective.

    As I said in my intro these are the criteria selected by themselves and therefore point to themselves. It is the classic JW trait of taking at face value only those specifics relevant to their cause and ignoring other possibilities

    JWs are forced see the world through the distorting lens of the Watchtower and it threats and promises.

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