Apostasy: The Movie - Directed by Daniel Kokotajlo

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  • freddo

    It is a superb, accurate (in portraying north west England and its JW's), moving and even an understanding and empathetic film. Well deserving its 4 and 5 star review ratings by the British mainstream press.

    But along with its empathy it holds back no punches in revealing the understated drudgery-in-service and consequential horror of putting the views of 8 men in New York ahead of what is truly best for yourself and your family.

    I cannot think of a better actress to play the resolute and distressed mother than Siobhan Finneran.


    I saw Apostasy this evening. It was brutal in what it brought back to me. Seeing it on a huge screen felt like being back at the suffocating environment of the kingdom hall. The actors delivered the screenplay so well, and what a script it is. I wish Daniel Kokotajlo every success as he's been brave enough to cut his teeth on something he knows inside out.


  • Scully

    Wow, now I want to go to TIFF.

  • Exelder

    I am telling EVERYBODY I know to go and see it because of it's true depiction. They can see for themselves how JW's treat family members who do anything deemed 'worldy'.

    It is well balanced, without any apparent bitterness or agenda. It is just a true to life fact based story.

    People can come to their own conclusions.

    It is a BBC and a lottery production which means that within a year it will be on TV (in the UK).

    It is raising awareness already.

  • AnnaB

    I went to see it some 2 weeks ago... The director and actresses were there for a Q&A session. The theater was full and a lot of ex-JWs raised hands when asked about their status. It was very emotional for me and people around me.

    The film was fantastic. Made me laugh so many times it was so accurate.

    But also going there made me feel super guilty... As if I was doing something bad, you know the feeling. It was out of this world, very rare

  • freddo

    Welcome Exelder and AnnaB!

    The nearest place to me in the UK that is showing it (where I saw it about ten days ago) has extended its showing days. Today was supposed to be the last but it has been extended until at least next Tuesday.

  • AnnaB


    The place was full when I went. Everyone wants to see it. I wish there was more things like that earlier on. But I guess it would have been hidden from me anyway so... Glad that it's starting being talked about

  • minimus

    Saw the movie last night! Excellent!!!

  • Xanthippe

    I saw this on Saturday evening in Manchester with my daughter. It was 100% accurate which left me feeling limp with emotion at the end. The attitude of the elders to Louisa who wanted to get reinstated. Are you repentant enough? Over and over again! A young pregnant girl all on her own and unwell too. I wanted to deck them. So accurate. The lack of grief at the death. Shocking. It made my daughter cry and she's never been a witness. Brilliant film.

  • Phizzy

    I saw the Film last night. I agree with the previous comments about the quality of the Film in all its aspects.

    What heartened me was the obvious response of the audience to JW nonsense doctrines i.e laughter, and the snorts of disapproval at the treatment of the girls etc.

    Another surprise was that the audience did not straight away get up and leave,as they would after a Batman Movie say, the majority sat there for a few moments absorbing what they had just seen, strange, but encouraging to me, it means they are digesting what a dangerous Cult the J.W Org is.

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