Bible Versus Quran Experiment - Genius!

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  • Diogenesister

    bible verse Psalms 68.21-23

    "god shatters the heads of his ememies"bids his warriors to bathe their feet in their blood & leave their corpses to be eaten by dogs

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Islam, Arabic root "Salema", meaning Peace, Purity, Submission and Obedience.

    OK, I see that..

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Dit was goed.

    Maybe they should now just chill out, have a shmoke or a bier, shomething like dis.

  • JWdaughter

    To the girl next door re:

    The reality is, religious moderates take their scripture “out of context” more than they’d like to think. Islamic apologists, for instance, like to quote the verse 2:256, which says there is “no compulsion in religion.” They won’t tell you (and many don’t know themselves) that the very next verse, 2:257, says that those who do choose to disbelieve will be “companions of the Fire; they will abide eternally therein.” You’ll also hear them quote verse5:32, which says, “Whoever kills a soul…it is as if he had slain all mankind. And whoever saves one—it is as if he had saved mankind entirely.” But again, if you read on to the very next verse,5:33, you’ll see that Allah wants anyone opposing him or his messenger to “be killed or crucified…their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides,” for “causing corruption.”

    Context? The first verse was that there is no compulsion in religion (which is something we practice on earth) and the next says that God will deal with unbelievers in hell. So, there is no contradictions that humans are not to force other humans into a religion. (compulsion)

    5:33 is speaking of a defense of attacks, not randomly killing killing people. It is always best to choose peace over war, but 5:33 is speaking about those who wage war against the community. If one has war waged against them, a defensive response is not evil or foolish.

    This is not about context really. Just read the verses that you are claiming say particular things.

    Oh, and most folks who know v. 32 are aware of 33. Likewise 256, 257. These are famous and apologists in particular have them thrown at them regularly:) However, most properly educated kids learn BOTH those verses when they are probably 10 years old. The biggest issue is that many of them learn it improperly-just in ARABIC when they speak some other language. I have heard Muslims brag about their kids reading the quran beautifully and they have NOT ONE IOTA of an idea about what the words mean. They just learned to recite it absolutely perfectly. (Its an art form among Muslims to be able to recite the Quran beautifully and there are competitions like Miss America and spelling bees etc on this) In schools nowadays, the comprehension is being focused on a lot more, but formerly, really understanding it was left to academics, which accounts for why the religion has been able to be hijacked by extremists. Like JWs, they too can take things out of context to say what they want the message to be. Truth be darned.

    As a Muslim, it was hard enough to deal with Alquada types. They were not really that vast, just effective. ISIS is a game changer for all of us, it has made us all suspect, villians and dangerous to much of the world. And I can't blame the world for being scared, because I am too. The teacher I had before I moved here encouraged new Muslims to not give up family traditions, though they should not engage in worshipful activity as a part of them. I go to company christmas parties, family parties and the town christmas tree lighting. Or I did. I rethink things too, because contrary to popular opinion, Terrorists do not have a sneaky way of warning regular Muslims that they are going to attack. I don't do malls, ever, but I shy away from popular restaurants and rarely see movies.

    A restaurant near where I lived in Cairo was firebombed-probably not terrorist, but that was the first thought, right?)-and all I could think was that I went there with my husband about 7 years ago. This all hits really close to my home. I'm sorry I went so Off topic, but this is changing my life for the same reasons that it is changing yours-plus I get hate messages from relatives on FB, disowned by other relatives and shunned by others. I have the shunning from the religion I left and the one I joined. It feels pretty crappy in both directions, FYI. And being called an idiot by everyone left over is just all kinds of fun.

  • cofty
    Context? The first verse was that there is no compulsion in religion (which is something we practice on earth) and the next says that God will deal with unbelievers in hell. - JWD

    So the deal is follow the teachings of a wife-beating child-rapist or burn in hell.

    Don't you see that actually believing propositions like that severely damages people's moral compass and dehumanises them?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    I have the shunning from the religion I left and the one I joined

    Why do Muslims shun you, JWdaughter?

  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy is a liar...the bible is against paedophilia and incest! READ LEVITICUS! The women have rights in the Bible...see RUTH! See Proverbs 31......I see differently..I see the Bible gives more rights to woman than to man.See Ephesians chapter 5 ! See the daughters of Zelophehad
  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
    the Bible speaks GOD will destroy the bad ones, the Quran ,specially SURA 8 speaks that the members of the ""true religion"" must kill the infidels(unfaithful)
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    JWdaughter, why did you convert to Islam?
  • 2+2=5

    I am also interested to know why you chose Islam.

    You do know it's all wrong, yes?

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