The Reasons for Cart Witnessing

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  • Simon

    Whatever we think of it, you have to admit that it's quite "genius".

    The door to door ministry as done in western developed countries where the JW quirky religion has probably reached their saturation level was a complete and utter waste of time in terms of the effort expended to recruit people.

    At the same time, it was rarely something that anyone enjoyed which led to people being labelled as inactive, being pressured to doing more and maybe ultimately deciding JWism wasn't for them and leaving.

    There was also the issue that many JWs are actually pretty bad at knowing and articulating their beliefs so were pretty incapable of getting any meaningful message across.

    They solved all this with the cart witnessing. The real point isn't to recruit, it's to make life easier for JWs. Now they can stand and chat with their friend, have a coffee, not talk to anyone or make eye contact and still act as a walking billboard for Witnessing becomes easier, more people can keep the definition of "active publisher" without so much effort and it probably doesn't put a dent in the recruitment numbers at all and the organization has complete control over the message so JWs don't need to know what they believe.

    You have to hand it to the WTS, that's pretty smart thinking.

  • VIII

    I have to agree.

    I see them around everywhere I go. In front of courthouses. In front of Malls, inside of Malls; anywhere they are allowed to set up and not get chased off.

    They do seem disengaged and not really interested in actually getting their literature into people's hands. Much more interested in sipping, chatting, looking at their phones or tablets and basically just hanging out.

    It does work out for all.

    On a side note, my Mom is still going "door to door"...she tells me she and whatever friend she can wrestle up are going to businesses and doctors offices because they "love to get the JW literature for their offices". I held off on the gagging sound and asking if they are putting it in the bathroom stall as a backup for when the TP runs out. She does this every Saturday to fulfill her required hours for the month. And to make Jehovah happy of course.

  • galaxie

    What...!! You mean this cart work is NOT jehovahs master plan to draw people with the right heart condition to hear his wonderful and undeniable truths for their ultimate salvation ?..well i never !

  • Finkelstein

    Its just an easier way of putting in hours.

    Get out your car set up the cart , find a place close to a coffee shop, stand there not talking but smile nevertheless when people pass, its obviously easier than going door to door.

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    At this point, cart witnessing is just mostly for the pioneers and "exemplary publishers" in my congregation.

    Have yet to be asked to do any.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The WTS is a registered charity.

    I believe that cart witnessing is being forced on them by the authorities - door knocking is invasive/annoying but cart witnessing in a public space is a public service and thus enables watchtower to get charity money.

    I'm grasping at straws a little but I wouldn't at all be surprised if I'm close to the truth ...

  • carla

    If you think about even their door to door work isn't about anything but directing people to a website.

    "..businesses and doctors offices.." -Every one I know who works in a medical setting and sees the wt's toss them immediately. jw's don't realize they are placing 'trash' for someone to come around and throw out, nobody reads them. Most people in doctor offices or hospitals are on their cell phones not picking up magazines. Imagine, it makes some delusional jw so happy to do such a thing?! "ooh, today I went and placed garbage in 3 businesses and 2 doctor offices!" that is exactly what they are doing. When will the tree huggers get after the jw's for this practice?

  • pometerre21

    I also suspect that cart witnessing also helps solidify the idea of a worldwide and unified brotherhood. If any JW is on vacation and sees a cart, they will most likely stop and talk with the local witnesses manning the carts. This gives the impression that the brotherhood is "truly unique" and worldwide because they can strike up a conversation with their "fellow brothers" from anywhere in the world.

  • Phoebe

    Before I left, the carts were just for the pioneers/elders and the chosen few like elder's wives or the elder's wives mates.

    A lot of the ordinary brothers and sisters are still just going door to door.

  • Ding

    When JWs spend all day sitting by a cart and see and talk to no one, they probably consider it really easy time.

    I wonder if it will even dawn on them that they are accomplishing nothing by way of drawing people into the kingdom... or if they care...

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