One Question to ask any JW that will blow their end times out of the water

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    Another dub explanation was that James, John and Peter "saw Jesus in all his glory" at the transfiguration which was "representative" of his return.

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    How could the High Priest see Jesus coming if the Parousia was later? Well, one way of interpreting the the scripture is that sometime before the fellow died: Tam Taramtam.

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    this one takes alot of working out. Most scholars believe that the apostle John died around the year AD 96. This is a result of one of the church fathers, Irenaeus, who made the statement that John was still alive near the end of the reign of Domitianou. According to Ed Stevens’ book First Century Events in Chronological Order; page 9, this is a reference to Nero, not the emperor Domitian who reigned from 81-96. Nero reigned from 54-68. Due to a misunderstanding of names, John was believed to live a long life and therefore most put the writing of the book of revelation at a late date which would be after the second return of Christ and the rapture which all occurred around AD 70. There is absolutely no sense in John writing an entire book dedicated to the destruction of Jerusalem after it was destroyed. The book of Revelation was the announcement that the parousia was about to begin; and he was correct.

    Nero was an adoptive name he used as emperor. His birth name was Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. According to Stevens, “There are several scholars who believe that Irenaeus was referring to Nero when he said that John was still alive toward the end of the reign of Domitianou. This is an adjective form of Domitius (Nero’s family name) and not the adjective form of Domitians’s name (which would instead be Domitianikos).” In other words, John more than likely died during the Neronic persecution before AD 70. This was during the great tribulation period from 63-70 which Jesus warned of. His second coming according to all of the New Testament writers including Jesus would occur during that generation. Since Jesus predicted that John and James would both be martyred, ( John during the Parousia period), this means that John did not stay alive for the rapture that was predicted by Jesus, Paul and others. Jesus predicted that the two brothers would be martyred and that John would be martyred during the Parousia. In Mark 10:35-40 Jesus predicts the martyrdom of the two brothers. James was indeed killed in 44 AD. However, according to John 21:22-23, John would not be martyred at the beginning of the Parousia. The Parousia lasted about 3 ½ years. Any saint left alive after the tribulation was raptured, then the wrath began on those that murdered the saints and Christ. The church after this point started all over again by use of the Holy Spirit and the scriptures that were left behind and by those that were converted after the rapture.
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