One Question to ask any JW that will blow their end times out of the water

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  • cofty

    Is that you who makes YouTube videos in your van?

  • maccauk

    there is also option D the new israel and new jerusalem is here already and is disernable for those looking .Christ is the New Israel in rev there is no temple in the new jerusalem thats because you are the temple of the living God. Thats the mystery of the ages Christ in you the hope of glory reveale dto all who hear the knock and open some do hear and open some dont some are to busy with this world to listen for it

    Rev 3:20

    Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and dine with him, and he with Me.

    It is not found in a church or set of doctrines it is within you the Kingdom of God

  • cofty
    Almighty God poured out his anger on Christ instead of mankind as an atoning sacrifce buying back what adam had lost.

    This is a JW-inspired understanding of the gospel. Totally alien to christianity.

    There is a long essay on the difference here...

  • maccauk
  • sir82

    there is also option D

    No, no, Option C is definitely the winner.

  • maccauk

    you should not be so presumptious a man of your intelligence Im working

  • maccauk

    totally not cofty

    The end of the old covenant meant an end to the penalties of it thats why it is written the law brings condemnation and death so the burden of man was to keep the law. Which no man is able to do except Christ

    Which means he defeated death put an end to sin forever and all sins past present and future are forgiven

    where there is no law there is no sin

    where there is no sin there is no judgement

    where there is no judgement there is no death

    Mankind restored to its original state and back into fellowship with God forever

    All set free from the burden of death upon them.

    not by anything you can do or earn but by the finished work of christ

    when he was crucified you were crucified

    when he died you died

    when he was buried you were buried

    when he was resurrected you were resurrected

    this is the free gift to all man who comes to christ

  • Crazyguy

    You guys need to study the older Egyptian religion and its teachings , you'll come to realize who the new Jerusalem is actually and why it's a female . You'll also understand what the Kingdom is and why Christ is in you .

  • maccauk

    it cant be female as their is neither male nor female in the spirit

  • jaydee

    @ Crazyguy.....Hey, I'll take up that challenge .....

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