Watchtower Trolleys With Added Bling

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  • cofty

    My wife and I were in Edinburgh on Saturday (did a ghost tour) and around dusk we passed two trolleys on the High Street — aka 'The Royal Mile' — that both had two rows of LED lights under the little shelves.

    Has anybody else seen this or is it a local innovation?

    I'm happy to report their pimped-up trolleys were attracting no attention as usual.

  • steve2

    We visited Japan last November and were surprised that, with one exception we saw no JW trolleys in Tokyo - which was supposed to be a month of increased JW activity. I acknowledge Tokyo is a vast, sprawling metropolis so it is possible there were trolleys - but not around the main locations we went to such as Shinjuku .

    However, when we visited Himeji (famous for its grandly restored old castle), at dusk I spied one lone elderly JW gentleman standing by his LED lit up trolley close to the huge train station. The trolley was more visible than he was but it attracted no attention and the rushing crowds passed by without so much as a glance.

  • Atlantis

    Cart with flat screen TV and stereo speakers.

    Cart with bright night lights.

    And there are many more examples out there.

  • Finkelstein

    Modern marketing orchestrated by the lying and corrupt Watchtower Corporation,

    same fear mongering bullshit though.

    Sadly the WTS turns people into lying corrupt individuals unknowing most of the time.

  • cofty

    That's amazing Atlantis!

  • RubaDub

    Atlantis ...

    LMAO ...

    And next a cart with a contribution box with a flashing LED to insert the money.

    When you feed a $20 or larger bill into it, it plays the O'Jays song, "Money, Money, Money."

    Then the person behind the cart gives you a high five or a fist bump.

    Rub a Dub

  • Atlantis

    I expect pretty soon they will have a small compartment on the side of their carts, for handing out free condoms to save humanity from the dreaded "pillowgate" monster!


  • john.prestor

    The thought just occurred to me that one day the Governing Body will talk about these carts as if they revolutionized proselytizing... when from everything we see, and that includes me in my travels throughout the eastern United States, they accomplish nothing except giving Pioneers and Elders a chance to drink coffee and gossip, and convert next to no one.

  • careful


    Their real purpose is to "giv[e] Pioneers and Elders" easy field service time!

    Atlantis, thx for the pix.

  • steve2

    Literature trolleys: Another way to grow old and die whilst serving JW organization.

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