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  • John Free
    John Free

    'Privilege' that has to go down as more loaded language right? Like 'encourage'...

    anyways when I was 50~60% awake to ttatt I called the cobe and told him I want to step down as an ms,so he comes around with another elduh to 'encourage' me to hold on to my 'priviledge'. They start digging a little so I tell them "I don't want to go into details but I've got serious doubts that this is the truth" "I have lost my faith and am not in a position to serve". I figured that by shooting straight while being careful not to incriminate myself I could get rid of this massive burden urr privilege easily right? Not so..."bro Free we can't accept this, your feelings are normal, we'll take you off the PT schedule and reduce your assignments for a few months but with lots of prayer and personal study you'll be fine 😜 After a month I just stopped going to meetings permanently. 4 months later I heard that I had lost my privilege!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I lost my privilege of being the KH and assembly piano player due to domestic issues.

    Since it occurred at the very time we went to recordings (vinyl), it didn't require too much explaining away why I was no longer tickling the ivories and the embarrassment.

    Some elders didn't like my rockin' out on the piano, but the publishers sang their hearts out.

    What a world, what a world. . . .

  • Chook

    The only privilege I can rightly call a privilege is the last steps of the walk out of the KH with head held high knowing I'm not coming back. We all lost waisted years in the cult , but one day out is better than a thousand in.

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    The first "privilege" I ever got as a child was the old "running the microphone" duty. At first, I couldn't wait to do it, but in time I realized that if I messed up somehow, I would be chastised for it after the meeting.

    After awhile, I hated running the mics, so I asked to advance to "stage duty," which turned out to be worse! Now if I didn't adjust the microphone on time or at the right angle for the speaker, or if I set up the chairs incorrectly or something like that, I could chastised and corrected in front of everyone, on the spot!

    So, I asked to graduate to "sound room" duty. Again, this was even worse than the other two! If the records skipped (yes, I'm that old, and we used phonograph records for our music when I was youngster) or if I put on the wrong song, or let the song run into the next one afterwards... now I ruined the entire meeting!


    So, I asked to work the literature counter, but found out if I over ordered, or under ordered, or ordered correctly but the people didn't pick up their stuff on time, that was even worse! Now I was wasting our congregations money!

    Aye ya yay!

    By then, I was able to start reading for the Watchtower... but, no, wait! That was EVEN WORSE...

    Need I go on?

  • hoser

    In Alcatraz work was a privilege too

  • tepidpoultry

    All masculine priveliges removed down to "buck sister" lol,

    In addition, nothing from platform incl student talks and demos,

    No reading of paragraphs at the Book Study,

    My crime?

    I had a beard,

    Well, SOMETHING had to be done!


    PS Privelige system is a principal way they keep people in line and is also a form of Shaming,

  • zeb

    The first time I heard this privilege term was when I would open the windows of the hall for fresh air/cooler air as that cong was inland and the hall hot as.. I was told not to as opening the windows was bro<<< "privilege".

    Well he never did and the hall stank.

  • lancelink

    My hours would be between 4-7 each month.

    one Sunday an elder asked if I would be interested in reading the wt. which I said yes to.

    next week the same thing, reading the wt.

    after that meeting the elder pulled me aside and asked if I enjoyed reading for the meeting, which I said yes to.

    His reply back to me was that I'd better get my time up each month if I wanted to read again.

    my time started to go down, and I never read on Sunday again ✨💫

  • tepidpoultry

    Brock's stories brought on a memory:

    We rented a school auditorium for the Memorial,

    I was assigned to the sound booth (which of course had no monitor)

    The first song for decades was "The Lord's Evening Meal"

    I put on the record,

    Sounds a little odd out there,

    And we're getting through the song way too fast,


    This will play sound at higher pitch as well making it impossible to sing to,

    It was all pretty weird but what were they going to do shoot me? Lol


  • freddo

    I got removed from privileges. No microphone running for you Freddo.

    Two months later - "ring ring, ring ring"

    Me: Hello

    Elder: Hi Freddo, I'm arranging a group to do a thorough clean of the kingdom hall and wondered if you could help?

    Me: (Thinking - I've got a live one, let's play) When is it?

    Elder: Saturday week after the ministry.

    Me: And what would you like me to do?

    Elder: Well I'm making a list of things can I talk to you at the meeting?

    Me: Sure.


    At the meeting

    Elder: Here's a list that you and young Billy can do.

    Me: What's this?

    Elder: The hall maintenance on Saturday - if you and Billy can thoroughly clean the Gents toilets that'd be great.

    Me: I've had a think and looked at 1st Corinthians 14 v 40 and I think I shall have to decline ...

    Elder: Oh. But I thought ... remind me, what does it say

    Me: 1 Cor 14 v 40 says all things should be done decently and by arrangement and if I am remove from privileges I don't see how I can help.

    Elder: Well its not a "privilege" - anyone can help on hall cleaning.

    Me: Sorry brother! If I can't hold a microphone, I can't hold a bog (toilet) brush can I?

    Elder: Well ... err ...

    Me: (Smiles) Thanks for thinking of me, gotta go.

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