Any Dogs Returning to their Vomit Here?

by Solzhenitsyn 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Solzhenitsyn

    I was wondering if any long time JW's that are now POMO's here on the forum now act in a leadership role within another religious organization?

    I do and would enjoy a bit of conversation with this (I assume minority) "sub-culture" of ex-JW's.

  • OnTheWayOut

    So you act in a leadership role in another religious organization, but you admit (in your title anyway) that it is likened to the dog returning to their vomit.

    What's up with that?

  • eyeuse2badub

    ALL religions are VOMIT! It's all about men trying to convince other men that shit that never happened--happened!

    And yet, it's a real money maker!

    just saying!

  • Giordano

    I am sure some ex JW's still embrace a version of Christianity and may even be inclined to take on a leadership role. As it is natural for some to 'reach out'.

    However I imagine that after years believing as a JW some doctrines could be off putting like the Trinity which is still going strong......... or Hell Fire........... which seems to be dying out.....pun intended.

    Actually I am surprised when someone does embrace another faith after being a JW for most of their believing life. Since there are any number of off putting doctrines in the Christian faith one probably has to pick and choose and not fall into the blind obedience that the JW construct called for.

    Holidays don't seem to be a problem........ nor voting. And dropping the Blood doctrine is probably a relief.

    One important attraction.......... is if one's new church has a nice group of people. Losing the JW social life is a serious problem for those that leave.

    My conclusion is that other then a simple belief system that a God exists, his Son and Heaven....the rest is all about a social life.

  • dozy

    Try little toe - he was a poster here who now is a minister ( vicar ) in a scottish church. I guess there are a few others - but I think most ex-JWs pretty much have had enough of religion. The very thought of leaving the Org & wanting to be a "leader" in another religion kind of worries me - it reminds me of elders who just wanted to be there for the position & ego.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    Sorry about that. I wasn't inferring any of us are dog like. I should have put my title "in quotes" as JW's would say any ex-JW now having a share in anything religious of a non-JW nature would be like "Dogs Returning to their Vomit".

    I'm wondering if having a share in another denomination after decades as a JW is just a subconscious 'stepping stone' for me and family out of all things religious.

    I agree with you Giordano. Everytime the word trinity, cross, divinity, heaven, grace, ect comes up I shudder a bit and/or my wife squeezes my hand feeling the same shudder. So yeah, the support system. Over 100 collective years in my immediate family of social/support friends and family...then poof! I'm thinking the #1 reason is our need for unconditional friends vs. my family with all our A type personalities trying to live on an island.

    And to clarify = Leadership. Leadership now in a non-denominational church is nothing like narcissistic JW leadership. For us it has presented as more of a community outreach, mostly my family helping the elderly (transportation to medical appointments, meals) and at a few local pregnancy centers (intake, listening, paperwork, helping). Truly helping others with more than a bunch of pamphlets has helped us thus far in our recovery. I don't think I could ever stand in front of 5 or 50k again and preach any sort of religious doctrine.

  • Vanderhoven7

    <<Every time the word trinity, cross, divinity, heaven, grace, ect comes up I shudder a bit>>

    I can understand shuddering at juxtaposing eternal with torment or immortal with soul, but I don't see a problem with divinity, cross, heaven and grace.

  • Vidiot

    It's rare, but not unheard of... and it's usually some flavor of evangelical, but not always.

    I've always scratched my head over that one...

    ...I'd have thought they'd had enough of that sort of thing while they were still In, and the bOrg does such an effective job inoculating its members against any other form of religious expression (credit where credit's due :smirk:)

  • DesirousOfChange

    At first, I just knew that JWism was all wrong. That was the first domino. I kept my mind open about the Bible, "God", and other religious/spiritual things.

    I really, really want there to be that omnipotent Almighty Guy that has "a plan" to fix all of the injustice and "pain" experienced by much of mankind. What I don't see if evidence. IF there is/was a "creator" (God by any name) of Earth &/or mankind, it's hard to believe this "creator" has any interest in what has happened through time or is happening at any given time. Life sucks A LOT for some people and a little for everyone through no fault of their own. (I'm not referring to the life that sucks from stupid decisions.) Illness.

    Disease. Poverty. Cruelty. Famine. Injustice. As mere humans, most of us do what we can to rectify those things, both personally and as a group through donations, direct assistance, etc. If there is someone (a God) that actually has the power and ability to FIX all these things, but does not do so, how can anyone suggest that He/She/It deserves any "praise" or "worship"?

    (An internal "feel good" warm & fuzzy feeling IS NOT EVIDENCE.)

  • ShirleyW

    I know of one my peers when I was going to the KH who got DFd as fairly young adult, but is not a Seventh Day Adventist, they're almost as bad as the Dubs as don't do this and all that, but as long as she's happy. But I just don't get leaving the Dubs and moving into a religion like that, I've read that some folks who grow up in that religion weren't allowed to listen to music on the radio and some of the girls weren't even allowed to wear pants!

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