Cringe in December

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    So during the winter of 1918/19, there was no true religion on Earth 🤔😅

  • nowwhat?
    To be fair the only dispensing truths they got right was the hellfire doctrine. Everything else was way out in left field
  • Finkelstein

    Organized religion is a mixture of lies, ignorance. bullshit and half truths sprinkled occasionally with a bit of facts.

    Put all of these ingredients together into this recipe and you end up with a religion like the JWS

  • eyeuse2badub

    Is their a meeting part on how to construct a "secret" bunker? Or the training video on how to out run the storm troopers in the forest?

    just saying!

  • Acluetofindtheuser
    Yes, it seems reasonable to conclude that just who comprise the 144,000 members of the body of Christ will be common knowledge to those of the “other sheep” living in the post-Armageddon new world... And the Most High himself will firmly establish her. Jehovah himself will declare, when recording the peoples: ‘This is one who was born there.’”

    They say, "it seems reasonable to conclude" all too often when trying to prove a point with no solid facts. The above quote really caught my eye.

    Per that quote, the 144,000 will never cross paths with a human in paradise. So they have to make a statement that God will provide a list who is up there to some human on earth.

    The last part, "about Jehovah recording of the peoples" has a big hole with regards to informing the masses of his intentions. Back in Genesis God said that he would bring a deluge in 120 years. He did not disclose that countdown to Noah. The scriptures make no mention of Noah preaching any countdown to the antediluvials. When making a recording he probably will keep the information to himself and not disclose who is part of the 144,000 to the earthlings.

    They have the end time details all wrong.

  • zeb


    "The WTS has said that shortly into the new system, survivors would be provided lists of those who really went to heaven."

    So the technology to print and the electricity to run it will still be around.

    and "lists.." to what end so the survivors can send them an email..?

    I said years ago there is something in the water at Bethel i think I was right..


    The GB are basically saying, “ We won’t know who they are until after Armageddon, but maybe Jeehoober will give us a list...”

    Once again we must leave it Jeehoober’s hands.


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