"Confidentiality" of Elders!

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  • slimboyfat
    Pertinent here is the counsel: “Do not reveal the confidential talk of another.” (Proverbs 25:9) Experience suggests that this may be one of the most widely violated requirements among elders.

    Bingo! I know a brother who pulls out that quote whenever personal issues and elders are mentioned. Can't trust the elders - it says so in the Watchtower!

  • fokyc

    *** w80 9/1 p. 24 par. 12 Overseers—Be Fine Examples to “the Flock” ***

    Confidentiality must be maintained. The congregation can be expected to have full confidence only in elders who exercise proper oversight and whose personal conduct is always above reproach.

  • kairos

    Amazing quotes.

    I never trusted the elders nor would I ever dream of telling them anything.


    I'm sure we can all think of examples where the private matters of others 'somehow' became common knowledge.

    There's the life of the captive JW in a nut shell:
    Living in fear of destruction by displeasing god or questioning his 'earthly representatives' that nobody really trusts! Wow!

    'Nu Lite' really means, "you shouldn't have trusted us".

  • ToesUp

    I learned quite a bit of JW tidbits from the Elders wives. They seemed to know so much about EVERYBODY. Confidentiality of the Elders? It doesn't exist.

  • sir82

    In our congregation, some elders have the reputation of talking about congregation matters & members on the golf course....then drunkenly spilling the beans to family members.

    Some people have left, those who remain know just to keep their mouths shut whenever around "certain" elders.

  • Vidiot
    stuckinarut2 - "...does that mean they place more importance on 'apostasy' rather than child abuse?"

    You're only just figuring this out now???

    As far as they're concerned, child abuse needs to be hidden from public scrutiny - at any cost (mostly because the Org doesn't want people knowing just how bad the problem is).

    The reaction to "apostasy", however, is more like this:

  • sparrowdown

    The two things go hand in hand.

    Child abuse victims that come forward are essentially whistle blowers, just like apostates that tell their story are whistle blowers. Whistle blowers are bad for business and so demonizing whistleblowers is a time honoured tradition anongst corupt organizations and corporations.

  • Vidiot

    Hell, WT reps at the Aussie Royal Commission last year even explicitly acknowledged that "whistleblowing" is a disassociating action (like accepting a transfusion, or celebrating Xmas).

    No judicial committee even required.

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Elder confidentiality is an oxymoron.

    Certainly in practice these guys by and large can't be trusted to not talk to their wives and children about little suzie or brother jimmy's indiscretions. However even the ones that aren't prone to being gossiping children, find themselves systemically contributing to this. How?

    When someone is accused of something, or a rumor is floated, or someone might have said something negative, someone might have had too much beer.......you name it......they NEVER encourage the person complaining to apply matthew 5 and talk to the person. They ALWAYS bring this info up at the elder meeting, and brothers are assigned to speak to the person. Lets say it was completely false. Does it matter? No the entire body has already heard the accusation,a nd follow up is scant or "bro ___ accepted the counsel with humility". If you argue accuracy, its not like its reported...."we were wrong, should have encouraged the 2 grown ass people to speak to each other, its our bad".

    Nope.....elders can slander others to other elders with impugnity.

    Anyone serving probably has heard the phrase...

    Elder to elder.

  • joe134cd

    It always gets out. If it isn't leaked it becomes common knowledge in the local needs talk a few weeks later.

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