The new Fred Franz?

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    They are just men who rose up through the ranks. They do seem all rather strange in their own way.
  • prologos
    looking at the personalities, Franz on one occasion gave a speech in Yankee stadium, affirming that jws should not give their pets blood transfusion treatments. , had he been challenged on that, he might have laughed it off, IMO, David Splane would take any challenge more personal and react accordingly. Franz never struck me as a power figure, remember sitting alone on stage while talking to my toddler daughter. . The"I am the boss" aura never left D. Splane, although Franz was closer to the pinnacle the than any of the 1/7 .
  • careful

    BB: "The best part of the Fred Franz legacy is that the vast majority of his stuff isn't even considered doctrine anymore." Funny! But do you see what I meant in the OP that Splane hasn't replaced FF's docrines with anything, except once in a great while, for example, with the obscure and strange overlapping generations mystery?

    prologos: Just wondering, how does the "The"I am the boss" aura never left D. Splane" jibe with being humble, spiritual, and all that?

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