The new Fred Franz?

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  • joe134cd
    Magnum a very well written summary there which I fully agree with. Freddy Franz in his own right was an intelligent man and even Ray refers to him as been a scholar of the religion. I remember seeing an unofficial video someone had taken when he was old and frail and in the infirmary. But mentally he was as sharp as a razor and could recite the bible word for word. So much so that I can remember it today and recall it as being such. But like magnum said the environment is so much different now for a FF to operate in.
  • blondie

    If you look at Fred Franz background, the time frame, the nature of education back then, the bible researchers he drew on, are their comparable thinkers today, does Splane go to them, I doubt it; not after all the horror stories of going to "worldly" sources, only "mature" male jws can be unaffected by reading them. The WTS filters out what they think they can use to support their own ideas, but just bits and pieces...but don't read them yourselves.

    The Bethel libraries were full of such "worldly" books available to Bethelites and non-Bethelites like me. I wonder if those books are still there or stored away for only the Writing Committee to access.

    The WTS in general has dumbed down from the top to the bottom. The dumb things on the videos, the publications, the lack of cohesiveness and the quick change in doctrines as if they are use the toss the crap on the wall and see what sticks method.

    But then jws today have been trained to accept dumbed down....few scriptures quoted, just cited and snippets. No personal research even using the Insight books. How many jws know how many books are in the bible, how many in the OT, and in the NT. How many can explain recent doctrines such as the overlapping generations or the back of the mind wonderings, why more anointed each year.

  • neverendingjourney

    GB today strikes me as a collection of uninspired bureaucrats. They rose through the ranks due to their unyielding loyalty.

    It's exactly the wrong kind of leadership the watchtower needs at this time but the morons who selected them never expected we'd still be around in 2016.

  • prologos
    In his pre-Brooklyn days David Splane was very focussed on his ideas, known to give talks comprising concept he had singled out. and given with an aura that indicated he was convinced they had an holy standing, delivered in a hushed kind of way. Music is good too, think of what movie scenes would be like without the music setting the tone. Will he achieve a breakthrough to emerge dominant like Frederick the great? it is a different ball game to work in a committee? On doctrine? I have the feeling he would love to have a fresh start, not to have to repair the flawed framework Franz bequeathed on him. Artifacts to his studiousness exist. remember too, to bethel he is an outsider, did not the Frances come up the Bethel ranks?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    In those broadcasts, they talk to the rank and file like they're talking to a bunch of dummies. They talk to the camera like they're talking to a 6-year-old. Especially Lett.
  • DesirousOfChange

    NEJ: Is he the one who makes all the funny faces?

    No. I think you are referring to Stephen Lett.

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  • careful

    Wow, such great responses! Thanks very much.

    Magnum, your thoughts are choice and much appreciated. Agreed on the history, and the net factors you point out give me plenty of food for thought. Your thoughts on Splane?

    OTWO, "We aren't in money trouble, but we are in money trouble." Love it!

    SBF: "There's no way in hell Freddy would have come up with the overlapping generations fiasco." Spot on!

    Gorby, "Splane sounds like he invented their fables itself." Speaks volumes, eh?

    blondie, I once used one of those JW libraries at Wallkill, but the one in the Writing Department that Barbara Anderson has described is the biggie. I imagine that it's still open to WD members. Love your "jws today have been trained to accept dumbed down." So true, so true.

    NEJ: "GB today strikes me as a collection of uninspired bureaucrats. They rose through the ranks due to their unyielding loyalty." Right!

    So where does Splane fit in? He's smarter than Herd or Lett, but that's probably not saying much. He seems to love the limelight as much as Morris does. Like every body of elders, there are those who are dominant and those who just go along. I see Splane, like Morris, and perhaps more recently Sanderson as the dominant ones. Someone here once said Lösch is a wanna-be, and that seems to be the case. Jackson is an enigma in my mind.

    prologos: THIS is the kind of info I'm looking for. I did not have personal exposure to most of these guys when I was in, so your words about Splane's talks are appreciated. Wish to share any of these "artifacts" or any more info?

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    ''We're not in money trouble.'' Really? May 2015 broadcast, ''we have more money going out than money coming in''.
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    The best part of the Fred Franz legacy is that the vast majority of his stuff isn't even considered doctrine anymore.
  • berrygerry

    Splane is far and away the go-to guy as far as doctrine is concerned, with Sanderson as his protege.

    Morris is a bully.

    Lett is just plain nutty, but seems to enjoy it.

    Losch, Herd, and Jackson are just cashing in on the job.

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