Who do I thank?

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  • franklin J
    franklin J

    Yesterday, I watched my 9 year old son--healthy, beautiful, full of promise--play soccer with his team, as I do every week. He is a very happy secure child. Of course, as the proud father I was beaming. I thought to myself " Thank you God". It was a very impersonal, but sincere, "thank you"--to whom--I do not know.

    I want to thank someone for my good fortune ( since I left JW) and like the Romans who built the Pantheon in Rome ( Temple devoted to all deities--just in case they missed one) I find myself offering a general "thank you"...to...whoever is listening. I do not know if this need "to thank" is a human response to be grateful, or if it is a last vestige of JW teaching--a ghost caught in the machinery of my mind. ( it is not directed to the name "Jehovah"; as that thought process was discontinued many years ago. But the concept of God; Creator; giver of life; etc.)

    Somehow, this is all OK for me; I do not have the need to look any further religiously. I still say " thank you". And I am at peace with that simple phrase and concept.

    Anyone else have similar feelings?


  • Gopher


    I don't think gratefulness is a leftover-vestige of JW-dom. Instead it is a human trait. When something special and good is there for us, it is good to be appreciative of our good fortunes.

    Our family will soon have a new child brought into the world, and I will be grateful. I'll be even more grateful if the child turns out to be healthy, normal and responsive. I suppose I can assume the baby WILL be those things, but I don't want to take anything for granted.

  • Sentinel

    Yes, I too, say "thank you" all the time. I also just "talk" to my father/mother creators, just like I would talk to you or anyone else and it feels comfortable for me. I think we need that exchange. It does so much for me to recognize my place here, and that there is someone/thing/being in charge and in control.

    It is not the way we were taught to "pray", even by regular religions, but I never felt comfortable praying on demand, or just because that was what I was "supposed" to do. Speaking from the heart, anytime and anywhere, seems so much more sincere.

  • JamesThomas

    Hey Frank, It seems the farther I get from religions, the more distance from preconceived ideas and beliefs about life, the more frequent awe and appreciation. You are not alone. j

  • outnfree

    Well, when I read "Who do I thank?" I thought to myself, "Me! Me!" LOL

    But then when I read "Anyone else have similar feelings" I thought to myself, "Me! Me!"


  • nilfun

    You have yourself to thank.

  • mouthy

    Frank !Thank you for your post. It warmed the "cockles "of my heart to read it. I am a Christian-A follower of Jesus_ ( Yeah I watched Charles Stanley last night that is why I say this)But I think your right on.....Just say THANK you for the belssings you have & why not add" to the Creator of the Heaven & the Earth " That way it will reach GOD..... . You made my DAY!!!!!

  • jst2laws

    Franklin and JamesThomas,

    I connected (with something, someone) as a baptist up untill I was 15, then I connected as a JW until recently. Now I connect as a "relatively independent sub-totality" (meta-physically)

    For Mouthy, I am actually unreligious but an imitater of Jesus. Is it possible that Jesus did not intent to start a religion, but ended the need for religion by teaching others to 'connect', to be "one with God". This was without a 'law code', priests, temples, sacrifices or rituals whatsoever, without religion. I feel he "saved" me by freeing me from religion and showing we can connect with God without it.

    What ever the case, I agree Franklin. I walk the beach and talk to Somebody (something). Maybe it's just a malignancy in my God-Spot.


  • Valis

    Hey franklin..just send me 50 bucks everytime you have that need to thank someone....eheh Or just pay it forward as the saying goes..help someone always makes your being thankful something tangible you know?


    District Overbeer

  • Navigator

    I'm with Steve on this one. Jesus certainly didn't intend to found a new religion. As Steve says, I think he came to show us how to connect and to demonstrate that death could be overcome. In their desire to make Jesus special and an object of worship, everyone seems to forget that he said, "The things that I do, shall you do also, and greater things shall ye do, etc................" The wonderful thing about expressing gratitude to the Source of All Good is that we open ourselves up to receiving even more good.

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