CO visit... Circuit is not growing at all, he said during midweek meeting

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  • DesirousOfChange

    It also means the quality of elders and ms's is likely to go down even further.

    Is that even possible? All it takes to be appointed now is the ability to fog a mirror!

  • cookiemaster
    This might not be the most relevant piece of information but in my congregation here in Romania there used to be 60+ people regularly attending when I was a child, and now two decades later they barely get 20 people, sometimes not even that. This is with pioneers from other congregations being sent here, who will most likely leave in a few years at most.

    Nobody got baptized in forever (probably a decade). There are only two local elders, one of which is 70+ and other in his 50s. Only two JW males under 40 in the entire congregation, one of which being me (inactive-rumored apostate) and the other guy isn't even an MS. It's pretty much the same everywhere in the country and most countries in Europe.

    This is definitely a larger downward trend for JWs that is taking place on a global scale. In this growingly less religious/traditional world, JWs with all their stupid rules are completely unattractive.
  • Chook

    I think even if they gave up on the preaching work and meetings they would still shrink as a religion , because no one is going to join a church without googling it, that when the penny will drop. The internet is its death nail. Only recruits will be born in affected cult members, I feel so sad for those born in, there's no comparison to what is normal.


    As one JW uber-couple recently said, "Jehovah has put on the brakes." This is was in reference to the halting of projects, less money coming in, and Bethel lay-offs.


  • berrygerry
    As one JW uber-couple recently said, "Jehovah has put on the brakes." This is was in reference to the halting of projects, less money coming in, and Bethel lay-offs.

    Were they asked why?

  • Magnum

    cookiemaster, very interesting; thanks.

  • shepherdless

    Excellent news cookiemaster. Yearbook numbers suggest that Eastern Europe may be a bit ahead of the trend, but it does seem to be a global trend.

    Back to the O.P. Stagnation in USA must hurt the borg much harder than when it occurs elsewhere. It is great to hear about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Heaven

    Six years ago my Dad's CO told him "The young ones are leaving in droves." Looks like nothing has changed. Awesome!

    I have posted this before but I'll repeat what I've said... I work from home full time and they are NOT knocking on my door. Sparrowdown said they aren't knocking on their door either.

    It has to be exhausting when no one is interested OR someone is informed and challenges you at the door. So they went to this litter-a-trash cart method and that doesn't seem to be reeling them in either.The further they get from reality, the less attractive they become.

    I suggest they start offering freebies... like food/munchies and drinks at the meetings. It might get more to attend. Of course, that's what the churches of 'Christendom' do so they might not want to follow that lead.

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