CO visit... Circuit is not growing at all, he said during midweek meeting

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  • freddo


    Brilliant! Keep 'em coming.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Ah! music to my ears : no stage: decrease.

    When it becomes generally realized--- it will be a good reason to fall away and encourage further decline...and others will follow. Then those with doubts will think "now is the time to depart" and they will. Wake up JWS and bring it on!

  • sparrowdown

    134 attended the CO visit.

    118 average attendance.

    Wow! The cong I'm suposedly in was over 90 average attendance midweek and over 100 on Sunday 8yrs ago.

    Now - Barely reaches 40 midweek and 50 on Sunday.

    Never see thm doing D2D anymore either, only 3 or four years back groups were regularly seen.

  • undercover

    On average, every third CO was a dick. You'd get the friendly, easy going, charming guy who everone loved, then he'd move on, and you'd get either a younger one on the way up, or an older one, on they way out. They were mostly forgettable. Then - the new guy. The company man. The self righeous prick. He goes out of his way to piss people off with his strict interpretation of WT rules. Not written rules mind you, but oral tradition handed down from on high from the Watchtower.

    It was these guys that actually helped me see through the BS of the man made rules passed off as if from Jehovah.

  • Zoos

    When I was a Dub...

    "And many peoples will certainly go and say: “Come, YOU people, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah..."

    ... meant MANY!

  • DJS

    Great news. As expected. Very soon the only remaining dubs will be the hard core and those reaching out.

  • dothemath

    Anybody ever see that movie "Last of the Mohicans"? It's probably a long ways off but I think the "hand-writing is on the wall" for witnesses.

  • SadElder

    I used to love these take these guys who thought they were God's gift to the CO world down a peg or two. My favorite question for them after they got off the platform lambasting the congregation.... What gives you the right and authority to beat Jehovah's sheep? Most times they got all red in the face and kind of hemmed and hawed. I usually told them I was going to get on the phone and call so and so in Brooklyn at the service desk and ask them if they had authorized him to display such conduct. (These were always Bethell heavies I had known for a long time and had entertained whenever we/they were in town.)

    Yep beat the sheep until morale improves, that's the answer.

  • lookout

    just out of curiosity, is this a 79 yo CO?

  • smiddy

    Classic examples of JW`s speaking out of both sides of their mouth .

    On the one hand they use the scripture Zech.8:23 in relation to the last days..where people will flock to Jehovahs Witnesses from all nations because they have heard God is with you.

    This was used when JW`s did have growth in numbers worldwide

    On the other hand Matt 24:12 speaks of the decline in numbers of JW`s because the love of the greater number has cooled off .a decrease in numbers.

    On the one hand increase is evidence of Gods blessing on the organization having the truth ,then on the other hand the cooling off (decrease) of Gods people is evidence they have the truth.

    And of course they ignore entirely that Seventh Day Adventists ,Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ,both of which have far more practising members than the JW`s do ,Roman Catholics , and Islam , both of which have over a Billion members each , not to mention the Protestant religions which total over one billion members ,and this doesnt even include so called Pagan religions.

    Jehovahs Witnesses are irrelevant in the religious world as being nothing more than an insignificant sect.

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