If Satan is real . . . . . . .?

by Dunedain 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • stuckinarut2

    Nice reasoning!!

    Very good

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    OK folks Satan is real and this is why. Job 12: 7-10 Dumb animals don't deny God's

    existence only man deny his existence, so if God is real Satan got to be real.

    Job tells us to ask the beasts and they will tell you. I haven't figure out how they will

    do that but damn't they know. It must be true because the Bible say so, I have ask our cat

    and just turn and walk away.

  • NewYork44M

    I have been told that I am following Satan because of my withdraw from the Watchtower. Given that live has been pretty good since leaving the "truth," is all I can say is - God bless Satan. Good Job!

  • Dunedain

    @ NewYork44M - Lol, I agree, and have had a similar experience. When I was DF'd, I was told how Jah 's spirit would no longer be with me, and that my life was gonna turn to crap. They were able to get away with saying these type of things, because I was barely out of my teens, and they tried to scare me.

    Well, fast forward 20 years later, and I have a beautiful family, self employed with financial security, tons of time with my children, and a very good life. Somebodies blessing me, lol.

    A little over a decade ago, my old congregation had heard about my financial success, and certain accomplishments, and the jerk elder who DF'd me, actually gave a local needs talk about it, lol. He said that although "some" who are no longer in the truth, may appear to be happy, and have it all, they can never be truly happy, or being blessed. He also, said, that it even makes sense that they would be successful, because they were raised in the truth, and taught so much because of it.

    Lol, you believe the balls on that guy. One thing I DO know, is I sure got into his "head", and made uite an impression on him.

  • Satan

    Bitch what you saying?

    I'm definitely real.

  • jws

    Religion and logic? Really?

    If Satan were real, he'd be the ultimate right-wing conservative nut.

    He first appears and spreads conspiracy theory. Did god really say you should not eat from this tree? He's lying. God just doesn't want you to eat from it because you'll gain power.

    Then with Job, he says he's just loyal because God is all for him. Job's a welfare queen. He only likes God for what he gets.

    Then he offers Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if he just worships him. Focused on power. Offering it as a temptation. Assuming people are all driven by a need for power.

    Ultimate conservative. Maybe he is real. Rush Limbaugh? Karl Rove? Dick Cheney?

  • sir82

    Always figured Trump was just Lucifer in disguise.....

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