If Satan is real . . . . . . .?

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  • Dunedain

    Lets try to think about this "logically", and I use that term loosely, because we are going to use JW "logic".

    So, they say that Satan is real. These are the last days. Satan is "roaring about", like a lion, with him and his demons "trapped" within the confines of earth. This is Satans last chance to really do his ultimate damage, before Armageddon.

    So, now JW's believe they are the ONLY true religion. They are the ONLY ones that God speaks to, and through. They believe they are the ONLY ones who are proclaiming Gods name.

    So, wouldn't Satans biggest target, be the JW organizations itself? Wouldn't Satan focus all of his energy, and demonic power, and resources, to totally annihilate, and take down the WTBS?

    So, then why wouldn't it not be "logical" to say, that perhaps, just perhaps, Satan has "infiltrated" the ORG. That perhaps, Satan has gotten, and focused all his energy towards, and into the Governing body. That Satan is using them, to twist and pervert, the "word of God".

    Namely, that perhaps, the Org was "taken over", taken hostage if you will, from the top.

    Now, whether or not any of us actually believe this, is not the point. The point I am trying to make, is that we know that ALL JW's believe that Satan is real, and that the GB is the ONLY true org that God is using.

    So, for all those of us who maybe are trying to reach a JW, and trying to get them to believe, and or understand, that the ORG is guilty of child sex abuse, blood guilt, KH cash grabs, a publishing company selling literature, a real estate company, a for profit corporation, a cult, and all the other evils the Org is responsible for, that maybe, just maybe, IT IS TRUE.

    Maybe, it is true, because Satan wants to take down the Org. He would, logically, have been ONLY, if not mostly, focusing ALL his attention into bringing down the WBTS, and maybe he accomplished this. Like how in the 1st century, the Jewish priestly class, of Scribes and Pharisees, WAS taken over by Satan, and in turn THEY put Jesus to death.

    Now, when Jesus returns, in these final days, maybe, just maybe, he WILL find that the "caretakers" of the Org, are NOT worthy of running it, and having the "keys". That an evil slave has taken it over, and by JW "logic", this should only make sense.

    Let's let some of those JW's that balk at all the "apostate lies", have a new way of really thinking about it, and that maybe, just maybe, IT IS TRUE. The first shall become last, and the last shall become first.

  • TheWonderofYou

    "The most dangerous lie is that which has a kernel of truth in it."

    "The Most Dangerous Liars Are Those Who Think They Are Telling Truth"

    "The most dangerous lie is that is closest to the truth".

    Indeed that could be possible, Satan would logically than infiltrate the truth and make appear a little lie as truth, and than again another little lie as truth and so forth, in the end even gross lies would appear as truth. If satan existed he would be mad and absurd.

    What would his biggest wish for today in the endtime?

    He would like to be himself "the faithful and discreet slave" (claim to be himself the slave and christs successor) to reign like a king over Christs congregation and thus overtake Gods kingdom and act as wanna-be-Christ since 1914 and seduce people to believe him.

    This would be Satans last coup before the end. Taking over the kingship and ruling of the world undisturbed.


    It sounds logic but would it be very reasonable for Satan to do it? The organisation sold a truth but it was not really accepted by many as the ultimate truth, and is mostly unknown by the masses.

    But would Satan really like to become a common laughing stock like JW for false prophesies, dumb cult, dumb behaviour of Watchtower? Would Satan not rather pay scrupulos attention not to appear dumb but popular? Would he not avoid to be lumped together with the Watchtower?

  • sir82

    I've heard similar arguments from real, live, active JWs, when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the organization's wrongdoing, or utter bone-headed interpretations such as "overlapping generations":

    "If there are terrible things going in the organization, Jehovah is aware of it and he will clean it up in his due time. He used the Babylonians & the Assyrians & the Romans in ancient times to carry out his divine punishment, maybe he will use worldly governments today to clean out the corruption in his organization."

    They start and end with the assumption that "this is God's organization". If you can't shake that flawed premise from them, all the "logic" in the world won't help.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    If Satan is real he's a lot intelligent than the GOD of JW's... He derailed Jehovah's

    plans from the beginning, right from the starting blocks. As for popularity their are

    more movies about Satan than God, Satan sells tickets.......

  • Schnufti

    That's an interesting point.

    The thought that Satan was "roaring" and wanted to destroy as much as possible before he gets destroyed has never been very logical to me.

    If Satan was real, why would he want to damage his own system? If he had really said "I can rule the world better than Jehovah", he would make the world as peaceful and happy as possible.

    After all, even Jesus said: "If Satan expels Satan, he has become divided against himself; how, then, will his kingdom stand?" (Matthew 12:26)

    If Satan was as smart as JW describe him, he would make the best out of his kingdom.

  • redvip2000

    and why would Satan attack all other religions first, and then JWs at the end? In fact why even use the UN to attack other religions, if both the UN and other religions are part of Satan's system?

    Actually, even better, why would Satan do anything that validates God's plan at all? If God's plan is for these things to happen, why would Satan follow any of that timeline? If anything, he would be doing exactly the opposite, as to create more confusion.

  • redvip2000

    If Satan was as smart as JW describe him, he would make the best out of his kingdom.

    Exactly, i mean Satan should be trying his hardest to prove Jevoova is wrong. So if Satan actually made this world good and honest and nice to live in, then Jeevoova would be wrong because it proves mankind doesn't need Jevoova.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I was talking with my sister the other day, a and when you stop and think about "Satan being so evil", why would God give him any privileges? "Rule the world", "living longer than Adam", "being invisible" "scaring people"...

    Who wants to serve such a "fair" god that allows that?

    And for Christians who believe in HELL, Satan liveforeverer, doing the thing he loves most! Being a ruler & torturing people!

  • atomant

    lf satan and his once perfect cohorts were smart they would not have sinned in the 1st place.They all signed their own death sentence and for what?An invisblie make believe tinka toy pretend temporary kingdom.What a knob satan must be and his mates are even bigger knobs.lts all a conspiracy l tell ya.

  • EndofMysteries

    No reasoning will work. I've tried reasoning how if it's his people, did he refrain from punishing ancient israelites when they went along w/ the bad things their kings instructed? Did God say, "You should of bowed to baal, because I put the king inside and you disobeyed"? Nope. Yet together JW think they get a free pass to not use their brain and if they are told to do bad and do it, they are fine because they did what they were 'told'.

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