10 Graphs that show that the Watchtower is in trouble in Mexico

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    Maybe in membership numbers, that is sort of true. However, Watchtower is essentially a business, and that means wealthy USA with its 1.2 million is by far the most important "Land". That being said, the borg is proportionaly more of a blight on the people of Mexico than virtually any country in the world.
    First question: I was wondering whether Mexico becoming any less overwhelmingly Catholic, which may partially explain the flattening growth. My reason for asking is that I have noticed that the borg's success in any particular country seems to be directly proportional to how "Christian" a country is. Countries where there is a high proportion of the polulation professing Christianity seem to have the most JWs. Countries where the proportion of Christians are dropping seem to have had lower JW growth.
    Second question: Does anyone know if JWs in Mexico are getting older on average (as statistical data shows they are in Aust and USA)?
    Your comment is correct. In membership numbers, the numbers are pretty much driven, worldwide, by what happens in Mexico. Answer to 1st question: Yes, Mexico is becoming more secular, AND it's also becoming less Catholic. People are becoming agnostic/atheist or they're going to non-catholic groups. Answer to 2nd question: I don't know that yet, but I have statistical data from 2000 and 2010 from the Mexican Government. I will check it out.
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    Economist article on JWs in Mexico - 5 years old now , but still relevant:
    Maybe any relative decline is just the law of diminishing returns. Only a small percentage of people will ever be attracted into a religion like JWs ( which , let's face it , if you weren't brought up into it & brainwashed as a child , very few people would be interested ). As the Economist article indicates , JWs are competing with Pentecostal groups , Mormons etc for the basic recruits ( mainly ex-Catholics). Many of these competing religions are more attractive in terms of lifestyle etc.

    It might be the law of diminishing returns... but they managed to get crazy numbers in the 80's... even with hundreds of thousands of witnesses there were still thousands coming in... I really think that there are other factors that have slowed down the work. The Economist article is cute... talks about two states and thinks that the situation applies to the rest of Mexico... hahaha

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