There will be a Funeral service for Prince in the Kingdom Hall this sunday

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  • ToesUp

    You can't even get married in the Kingdom Hall if you fooled around before your wedding. I guess you can use the Kingdom Hall for a funeral for a deceased prescription drug user. The double standards in this cult are incredible. Membership DOES have its privelges.

    I guess if they DF'd every JW who over uses prescription meds, there would not be any JW's left. Lol

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro
    So the one report says their family didn't ask for it? How bizarre is that? This thing is taking some crazy turns. I've never heard (JW or not) of a funeral being held that the family didn't want. Weird.
  • sparky1

    Apparently, Kim Kardashian was just informed that she is not on the 'guest list' for Princes' funeral.

  • joe134cd
    Two faced hypocritical bastards. I remember my grandfather's funeral not been allowed in the KH because he had been DFed for smoking cigarettes. I also remember the elder been reluctant to give the funeral service as well. I just find it ironic how they would hold a funeral service in the KH for someone who lived an openly hedonistic and imoral life style, when we fought tooth and nail just to get an Elder to give the service.
  • millie210
    Two faced hypocritical bastards. I remember my grandfather's funeral not been allowed in the KH because he had been DFed for smoking cigarettes.

    I know! Im sorry about your grandfathers situation.... your story is typical. What is atypical is what is happening with Prince.
    I would imagine the Org is clinging to the slippery slope of "he was in good standing as far as we know..." at least that is the way their legally edited statement coming out of headquarters sounded.
    Bur as Toes Up mentioned above, even the hint of impropriety or scandal can disqualify you for a wedding/funeral in a KH.
    Since even chewing gum during a meeting can be an act of rebellion, one can only imagine how many good people had their request denied over the years, hurting their families and friends as well as themselves.
    I understood it a tad bit better when it was Michael Jacksons least his mom requested it and she was in good standing and funnily enough HE didnt have the sexual reputation that Prince did.
    But in this instance, the family didnt ask. If that is being represented correctly, then it has to be the congregation clamored for it or the Org wants to ride this celebrity pony as far as they can.
  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Prince: Judge Demands DNA Tests As 700 people Lay Claim To His $300 Million

    please see:

    I think some JWs take the terms "brother" and "sister" a bit too literally when the whiff of cash is in the air.

  • Simon

    I just remember, I was Prince's co-joined twin. I think I need me some money!

  • rebel8

    According to the link this memorial hasn't been requested by the family either.

    OMG HOW can they do this? Do they have any shame at all? omg.

  • FayeDunaway

    The memorial may have been requested by that guy who studied with him. They might treat it like someone who doesn't have family. I bet they will throw in extra time for personal stuff because he was famous, the double standard will continue. They will still look like idiots tho, no doubt.

    Regarding the paternity claims, some of them have to be true, the guy certainly got around.

  • millie210

    That is a good point Faye. I hadnt thought of maybe the JW who studied with him requesting it.

    As for the paternity suits...Prince was baptized in what...03?

    So it will be interesting if any of these people have a birthrate around then.

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