Sanctimonious, "WE'RE Thankful EVERY day."

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  • GLTirebiter

    They're thankful for the day off.

    What day off? A national holiday means people are at home, anxiously waiting for the knock at the door announcing the arrival of the latest Watchtower (public edition). Get busy! You need to get those service hours in!

  • schnell

    Yeah, let's go call on people's homes while all the family is in town. We might get a free airborne lunch out of it.

  • LongHairGal


    You hit the nail on the head about the REAL reason the JW religion does not want its followers to celebrate Thanksgiving:..they don't want them associating with non-JW family and friends.

    I believe this also holds true for other holidays as well. The claim that these holidays are "pagan" is just an excuse to hide their real intention: to isolate the JWs. The religion is very deceptive in its tricks to trap and retain people!

    The religion is afraid that if the JWs spend enough time around people who are not judging them, they may no longer want to be Witnesses.

    I wonder if this reason is obvious to many on the forum and those lurking?

  • Heaven
  • Vidiot
    Everything LongHairGal just said.
  • Vidiot

    schnell - "...I can't think of anything that really has JW origins.... Can you?"

    The blood prohibition?

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