Sanctimonious, "WE'RE Thankful EVERY day."

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  • dbq407

    Yet most Jw's will be getting together with family and friends today just like everyone else. They just won't call it Thanksgiving.

  • Ding

    That's like saying, "We don't celebrate our children's birthdays. We celebrate our children every day."

    What Does the Bible Really Teach even has a photo of parents giving happy children gift wrapped presents.

    Like when does that happen?

  • NikL

    My JW wife and I are going to a dinner party this (Thursday) evening at some JW friends.

    She is cooking up a feast of turkey and ham, and like most JW families we will surely have a prayer of thanksgiving before the meal.

    When we were invited I thought HUH? And I was like OKAY!

    I am curious to see if there will be any fallout from this.


    Sanctimonious, "WE'RE Thankful EVERY day."

    Another WBT$ "Canned Response"....Parroted by JW`s..

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  • Rainbow_Troll

    The very fact that Thanksgiving is the one holiday that has no pagan roots underscores the real reason the WT is opposed to holidays: they want to alienate JWs from mainstream society and most especially unbelieving extended family in order to make them more dependent upon their JW social circle and therefore less likely to ever leave even if they stop believing.

    That said, I know that some JWs celebrate the holiday in secret. My mom, back when she was cool and less of a fanatic, would invite my unbelieving aunt, uncle and cousin over for a Thanksgiving feast every year. Once I realized that most JWs are hypocrites in one way or another, it became easy for me to understand why none of my erstwhile friends have left the organization. Why rebel and lose your entire social circle when you can lead a double life and enjoy the best of both worlds?


    As we don't have thanksgiving down South Africa way where I am ....what would be the sanction you could receive from JW were you to celebrate Thanksgiving ?

    What "reasons" would they cite for why you should not be celebrating?

    To my mind it is a time that should be grabbed with both hands to have the family and friends together.

    [Fortunately I am not a big fan of Turkey.............................then again......when have I ever eaten the bird??]

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah just like Xmas 'we don't need a special day we give gifts all through the year'.

    So no education, no career but we can afford to give gifts all year. More fantasy.

  • tepidpoultry

    I agree it's the craziest thing,

    "BUT BUT BUT we're neutral and its a national holiday"

    So then what's Labour Day?

    More like it's the product of a miserable alcoholic who also banned all music at the KHs

    I'm going to die angry,


  • schnell

    You know what's funny? I can think of a lot of things that have "pagan origins" or "nationalistic origins". Seriously, they've done a lot.

    I can't think of anything that really has JW origins.... Can you?

  • tepidpoultry

    Hey Zappa-esque,

    We will be sending 2 elders from America to have a chat,

    What is your address?


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