No Sports Cars Please!

by snugglebunny 39 Replies latest jw friends

  • brandnew
    Little gold corvette for me☺
  • freemindfade

    I have had many, even some with 4 doors. I was once an avid racer (legal and illegal).

    whenever I had two door cars I still always had one with 4 also ("service car"). That was the wife's.

    Still even though I had a "service car" I still was looked down on for owning a car with two doors. that was out west where people (witnesses) have nothing better to worry over except dumb little things. In New York city, no one gave a rats ass the car had two doors, most people didn't even have cars so it was considered nice to have a car period.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    So some gorgeous thing like this is a no-no?

  • JRK

    And I drove it in service . . .

  • kairos

    Before I left the JWs we had a nice Volvo.

    Fast forward to last Feb, I'm out and gone from WT world.
    The car was getting old so, I bought my wife a new daily driver. ( which she loves )

    I have had sports cars ever since I was a teen.
    Here's mine:

  • freemindfade


    You should drop a ej20t from a wrx into that 914.

  • jwfacts

    When I bought a 300zx similar to this one, there were a lot of negative comments from the serious minded ones, and it seemed to convince them there was no hope left for me. The young guys loved it though, and two different couples used it as a wedding car.

  • punkofnice

    I never heard of this unwritten rule either. It's gotta be the personal view of the biggest bully on the BOE.

    Anything in the dublications?

  • Mephis
    Thanks BluesBrother. That's likely where the idea I remember came from. Ostentatious display of wealth. Detracting from the truth. Stumbling others. Crazy stuff.
  • konceptual99


    - WAYYYYY too loud for my liking


    the trousers that is :-)

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