No Sports Cars Please!

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  • snugglebunny

    I read on a JW forum that JW's came in for disapproval if they drove either sports cars or 2-door cars. The reasoning was that a driver couldn't easily take fellow dubbies out preaching in such a vehicle.

    Was that ever official policy or just local nonsense from a grumpy PO?

    I drove an MG Midget in my witness days and was never counselled for doing so. Although I only graduated to MGB's and Sunbeam Alpines once I'd left...

  • Sabin
    It was never policy but I have heard it mentioned from the platform a few times. & yes it certainly does influence people to buy a 4 door car. How do I know, cause I was one of them.
  • St George of England
    St George of England

    I have often heard this but wonder if it is more of a US thing.

    I had two seater sports cars when I was younger and no one ever commented, in fact the PO (as they were called then) who was in his eighties loved to have a ride in my Spitfire. It was a bit awkward getting him in and even worse getting him out but he thought it was worth it.

    In fact I have just realised that my current vehicle is the only four door I have ever owned.


  • Mephis
    Was certainly something frowned upon as being too ostentatious, too worldly looking, Then they'd try to buttress the argument with the 'and if you go on field service...' thing in my old congo. Not anything official though, one of those which would get filed under 'matter of conscience' and only mentioned in talks by visiting speakers/COs or at assemblies.
  • oppostate

    It most certainly is one of those unwritten JW religion rules.

    If you didn't buy a 4-door car you were talked about in the congregation rumor mill and tagged as selfish and materialistic.

    It was one of the things my first PO counseled me about: Get rid of my 2-door '73 Dodge Charger muscle car V8 and get a newer and more fuel efficient 4-door--He was quite approving when I traded it in for a Ford Escort.

  • FadeToBlack
    I still remember the exact words of an older Japanese pioneer we had in our congregation when she saw my new 2 door - "Why you buy selfish car?". She was well known for her 'direct' approach.
  • ttdtt
    As a young person I got backlash for having a 2 seater.
  • ToesUp

    The only reason they "advise" you to buy a 4 door is because they are jealous and would love to have one themselves. So they label you materialistic. Remember, anything fun and enjoyable is frowned upon. Just another rule in the JW world.

    Buy the 2 door! Have fun and enjoy it, if you can afford it.

  • Perry
    If you didn't buy a 4-door car you were talked about in the congregation rumor mill and tagged as selfish and materialistic.

    I once wanted to buy a performance car and a good field service car. So I bought a Jaguar XJ-7 Monarch. I think I still got "labeled selfish and materialistic" but had no trouble filling the car for "return visits".

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i had an austin nash metropolitan when i was 19--i pioneered in it.

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