Today's Text - Jehovah Is SPEEDING Up The Work!

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  • Gayle
    Fortunately, ex-JWs, former JWs, and relatives, and Internet, the courts and the MEDIA are speeding up their work even faster
  • ttdtt
    Divergent - Well he's just is a sucky god - look at everything he has made - it's all turned to crap.
    So what do you expect - cut this god some slack - maybe he will get his next universe right:)
  • Dunedain

    Speeding up, I don't think so. The truth is, these numbers are actually showing a REAL stagnation.

    I was a "born in", and was born in 1975. I was there as a child, right after the "hype" of 75, and the numbers from the early 80's to current, are marginal, if that. They were always, since the 80's, around 6 to 7 million in numbers.

    For them to be at just the higher end of 7 million, BUT at almost 30 years later, is NOTHING. That can barely be considered growth.

    As others have said, branches are closing, publishing is being cut tremendously, halls being sold, hours being reduced, meetings being cut, bethelites laid off, special pioneers being fired, and HEADQUARTERS being reduced. How is this a "growing" religion. REMEMBER this is supposed to be the END, the LAST DAYS before the big A. This is it, THIS is supposed to be the "BIG PUSH", and its all BULLSHIT.

    They are SCARED shitless of THEIR numbers, which they inflate to begin with, and it DISPROVES their own rhetoric, so the next move will be them STOPPING to print numbers all together.

  • Finkelstein

    The other fact that makes this statement a lie is that in some countries there's an actual decease in JW membership such as in Japan and Russia.

    The latest number of newly baptized in the US has dropped 40 % in 2015.

    So maybe Jehovah isn't putting his blessings toward the WTS/JWS anymore ?.

    Too much lying and bullshitting my guess !

    Isn't the theme of this year District assembly ? ......

    " Loyalty to the Watchtower Corporation is Being Loyal to Jehovah "

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