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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    as soon as anyone starts asking you questione youre uncomfortable with---take charge of the conversation

    ignore the questions--tell them stuff thats guaranteed to drive them away:

    tell them youre having difficulty making ends meet

    in fact

    tell them youre broke

    ask them to help you out with a loan for a few weeks--a few hundred would make a world of difference

    at this point they will have lost all interest in you--and will be looking for any excuse to excuse themselves.

    have fun.

  • rebel8

    do you know the reason why single women are more under the microscop than the rest?

    And now I have an opportunity to drag my favorite quote out of retirement. Yep, single women are the vixenest of all the temptress vixens. You can't help yourself without a man to control you.

    Watchtower 1961 December 15 pp. 767-768 Questions from Readers

    • How can girls guard against temptation in this sex-crazy world?

    When a girl reaches the age of puberty or physical maturity, her body has developed in the matter of sex more than in the mind. Young folks like to be together, first in groups, later in twos. If they have not been instructed by their parents in regard to the matter of sex, a boy and a girl are likely to become too familiar and to engage in what is popularly called petting or necking. They may practice this for a time and see no bad results. However, the time will come when there will be great danger in such actions. Why? In answer to this question, we can learn about nature and sex from the bovine family of mammals, both wild and tame.

    Large herds of cattle, both male and female, wander over the plains feeding. Ordinarily the male or bull would not think of approaching the female or cow for sex purposes. If he did approach he would not receive a hearty welcome, but, rather, he might be gored by the cow's horns. There is no petting or sex relations between bull and cow permitted, because the female is not in physical condition to breed. The bull seems to understand this and keeps in his own place. However, when the female of the species is in condition to breed, she makes the matter known. If there is no male in the herd, she will go elsewhere looking for one and she is unsettled until she finds one and then is bred by him. Now she is contented, and the end result is a calf. In this connection it is interesting to note that the male animal has no season at which he is not willing to engage in the breeding act.

    If we humans would take a lesson from these creatures, we would learn something of importance in matters of sex, as to its purpose and the results of its operation.

    As with a cow, when a young girl who has reached her puberty is in physical condition to conceive and become pregnant, her sex emotions are greatly aroused. If she has association with a boy, she is inclined to think that it is the sweetness of the "boy friend" that causes this delightful and new feeling, and so she becomes infatuated with him. If the boy friend should become sexually aroused and lets her know it and then she yields her body to the advances of the amorous boy friend, she is likely to become pregnant as a result of just one sex experience of this kind.

    Some persons foolishly think that they know when it is "safe" to have sex contact with those of the opposite sex and thus avoid becoming pregnant, but this is a serious mistake on their part. Even learned biologists do not know exactly when there is no danger of conception for a woman. This is due to certain irregularities in the case of various females.

    When the ovum, that is, the egg cell from which the baby starts, is at large or is on its way from the woman's ovary through her Fallopian tube to the uterus, there it remains for an uncertain length of time, which varies greatly with different females. Then is the time when conception can take place if the ovum is met by a male life sperm. During that same time the female is sexually aroused and is ready for the sex act that at this time will cause a baby to result. This bearing of children is the sole privilege of the female. In fact, this is one main reason for creating the female of the human species.

    There are cases where a girl became pregnant as a result of one sex interview with a boy. What a price for a girl, a virgin, to pay for a few minutes of satisfied sex emotions! When persons start in this dangerous and sinful course, they find it hard to overcome future temptations. When a young, unmarried girl falls to the temptation, the price she pays is terrible: shame, sorrow, a ruined reputation, endless troubles, with the danger of being disfellowshiped from a congregation if the girl is a dedicated member. It is high time for girls to understand the make-up of their bodies and its functions, especially with regard to sex. Then if a girl understandingly takes care of herself while the ovum is at large and is causing sex disturbance and cravings within her, she will be able to act like a true lady of irreproachable morals at all times. She will avoid the violating of her virginity and the shame and conscience-stricken state due to this; and wisely she will direct her young life so as to end up in the position of a clean, happy wife and mother of legitimate children, journeying to the new world of righteousness, where there will be no sex problems amid a sex-crazy population.

  • EyesOpenHeartBroken

    @ rebel

    That is a crazy excerpt! I was laughing so hard I snorted. Anyway, thanks for that 😂

  • Esmeralda001


    I'm laughing my derriere out 😂😂😂😂😂😂. What a mess!

  • silvia
    I'm not sure what they mean by difficult. A friend of mine mentioned this to me. I did notice that the pressure was increased for me to conform such as one particular elder started what seemed like a bully mentality towards me. He appeared extremely loving in his actions, but would tell me in all certain terms how things were going to be what I was going to do, and even went as far to threaten me with a smile. He behaved as if he were my Father and I needed him. Really weird. Gave me the creeps and I'm still in hiding. Kinda have had enough of the nonsense. I'm assuming that they might start this behavior with you next. What I call, assign you a surrogate spiritual parent.
  • silvia
    I can relate to feeling stuck. I still agree with the JW teachings. Besides the overbearing elder, miss my the association of my so called friends. However, something has me on red alert that well, something isn't right. So, I will take care of myself and my mind especially and hide from the JW Land drama.
  • Londo111

    Adventists are a cousin group of Jehovah’s Witnesses, so it is no surprise if you find some of the same drama there. Baptists vary. Some are reasonable people. Some Baptist churches are hardcore fundamentalists.

    Are there no mainline, non-fundamentalist, non-cult churches in your area you could seek fellowship from?

    As long as you seek absolute truth and salvation from a religious organization, you are going to be easy prey for such a group. You will be doomed to this type of drama unless you mentally free yourself.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Women need a little privacy. As the privacy of single sisters is ever more at risk in these last days
    our 2016 year text should call " How To Do respectful conversation with A Single Sister".
    Awards for the best answers on compromising questions should be focus at the
    "christian service" meeting, so the sister would learn to protect herself better simple by listening to the demonstrations from the podium.
    Brothers could be appointed as "minders of single sisters in the professional surrounding" to protect them of any harm from lumpen and stupid investigation, so they would feel like angels, angels that protect the single sister, tell me which elder would not like to be such an angel for the single sisters? Imagine the council from the elder: "At this and this point the sister has to say STOP or to make a joke like mentioned above if the question would compromise her"

  • Londo111


    I just remembered a discussion I posted about privacy 4 years ago. Remember: you are not a committed member. Please read the following and imagine you were. It can only get worse from here. Would you want your dark secrets on file? Discussed from the platform? Investigated by elders? Leaked to elder's wives and to the entire congregation?

  • TheWonderofYou
    as Londo111 said: Remember: you are not a committed member.

    this would change my elderly council:

    "At this and this point the sister has to say STOP or to make a joke like mentioned above if the question would compromise her, except in the case of a a judicial hearing, if the sister was a baptised member, then she would not be allowed to say Stop, and she must not joke but tell all details. In serious spiritual questions the sister must not be silent. This is for her best it is no hypocrisy but a loving arrangment to help her, comfort her and suppport her.

    Dont let them make you a victim!

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