Some thoughts on the Brooklyn real estate website

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  • daringhart13

    Apparently Jesus Christ is now directing his 'faithful slave' in major real estate transactions.

    Seems reasonable.....Jesus recently directed his 'faithful slave' to be more involved with the Internet....they now have a really cool site if you haven't heard.

    You have to be a really dumb person to believe this organization is run by God

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Christ is leading a multi-billion dollar real estate company disguised as a religion!!
  • just fine
    just fine lists124 Columbia Heights as valued at $8,060,000
  • fukitol

    It's obvious how they will fund themselves without donations or tithing.

    Simply sell most kingdom halls (that produce no rent and stuff all donations) and invest the proceeds in commercial real estate or other high yield investments.

    They are being very short-sighted selling all their prime Brooklyn real estate to fund extravagant GB retirement complexes upstate. Such valuable Brooklyn land and property should be retained at all cost and rented out to create high yield massive income streams.

  • joe134cd

    Yes I agree at just how in the dark the R&F are with regard to what is truly going on. Even I find myself having to bite my tongue when talking with my still in relatives.

    My guess in another 50-60 years from now the religion will be reduced to a web site which a couple of million people will log into every week to hear a bunch of of deluded old men talking about tight pants.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert
    Orphan Crow Did a piece about Lorenz Reibling about 6 months ago where he was doing a interview as having a lot of money to invest in real estate. If you haven't read her post please do so. At that time my mind went to this exact scenario you are describing.
  • ttdtt

    Well they just sold 5 buildings - so as per Lett i guess they have can fund the cult for like a month now.


  • Vidiot

    fukitol - "It's obvious how they will fund themselves without donations or tithing. Simply sell most kingdom halls..."

    Hey, I'm down with anything that makes it easier for faders, fakers, and fence-sitters to GTFO... :smirk:

  • Vidiot

    Wirerider - "It's like the joke about how to make a million dollars in the airline industry. It's easy, you start with two million dollars."


    Is your avatar an actual pic of you?

    If so, you're a cutie-pie.

  • Vidiot

    Whoops, meant LisaRose. Sorry.

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