Demon Posessed Rock Bands I couldn’t listen to

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  • snugglebunny

    I was totally bewitched by these gals! I do believe there was a dubbie rumour that the words were demonic.

  • Onager

    I've said it here before, but I saw Iron Maiden at Twickenham rugby stadium, the big district assembly venue in the UK.

    That was a pretty good gig! :)

  • greenhornet

    I was a bad boy. Our KH had wireless mikes transmiting to a FM radio. When we would clean the Hall on a Saturday we tune in the FM radio to the local rock station real loud on the PA system. Boy we got hell for that!

  • Phoebe

    I've always loved rock music and my favourite band is Avenged Sevenfold but me and my youngest used to go to concerts in secret! And horror of horrors, I've even seen Rammstein ;)

    In my Facebook today I've just had a post that tells me that is on a big tour this year! Wonder if he sings any demonic songs?

    Is he still la Bethelite and pioneer?

  • Prester John
    Prester John

    How do the demons infiltrate music these days, in the age of ubiquitous music streaming?

    Can you stream a song backwards to reveal a satanic message?

  • jws

    Prester John wrote:

    How do the demons infiltrate music these days, in the age of ubiquitous music streaming?
    Can you stream a song backwards to reveal a satanic message?

    The idea never was that you had to play it backwards to hear the backwards lyrics. It was that somehow, even playing forwards, your subconscious mind could pick out the backwards lyrics and turn them around. And somehow, being your subconscious mind could understand the lyrics, it'd act on them, bypassing your normal biases and filters.

    So, streaming music wouldn't matter. The panic was never about the ability to play things backwards.

    And, FYI, with the right sound editor, reversing digital music is WAY easier without risking damage to your LPs.

  • jws

    Used to love leaving the Kingdom Hall with Hell's Bells or Highway to Hell blaring. As I often drove past other JWs.

    I remember my brother and I moving out of dad's house, but leaving behind a bunch of items that we hadn't come to collect yet. One was the album collection for my brother and I.

    On one trip from cross-country, my sister and her husband stayed at my dad's house. My brother-in-law was a character. Even though his daughter tells me he rarely showed up to meetings and when the elders would try to make a shepherding call, he'd go hide in his bedroom, when he was back in town where our family and his lived, he was a real holy-roller and super pious. All prepped for meetings, quoting things, etc.

    On this particular trip he informed my brother and I that he had to put all of our LPs in the garage because he "felt a presence". And not a good one. We got our records out of the garage that wasn't much of a shelter from temperatures or humidity.

    The records included Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Who, Beatles, Talking Heads, Cars, and other miscellaneous bands. Not to mention comedy albums by George Carlin. AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Album was the first one my brother bought. We soon learned we had to play it really softly because our parents would have had a fit over the Big Balls song.

  • Vidiot

    I knew a couple of older JWs for whom any contemporary music artist or group was suspect, simply by virtue of being popular and/or successful.

    Due to personal bias (and, I suspect, the scientifically proven fact that by the time you're 30ish, your preferences are pretty much permanently programmed and hardwired by the media culture you grew up in) as far as they were concerned, modern music sucked, so their success couldn't possibly be because they were talented or skilled, or made music that anyone in their right mind (i.e. anyone like them) could actually enjoy...

    ...therefore, they must be in league with the Devil. What other explanation could there be?


  • Betheliesalot

    Thanks snuggle bunny, I can't get that song off my mind kind of like the macareina was in the 80,s . guess I,ll just make it my ringtone and imagine I'm at Mederia beach.

  • AnonVet

    I recall a Sunday during a WT study where a few bands were singled out in the comments.

    KISS was Knights In Satan's Service
    AC/DC was Anti-Christ Demon-Child
    Prince was mentioned with Nikki masturbating with a magazine.
    Rolling Stones and being high all the time.
    A few other bands were mentioned directly from the audience.

    Being a good Jdub, I tried to follow the comments and stopped listening to those.

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