Question for PIMOS but all welcome

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  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi All

    So once PIMO how do you deal with going to the meetings, ministry, social getotgethers, conventions assemblies?

    For one you know it is all off key,

    Two your 2 hours or more so just wasted (not counting the time getting ready,travelling etc)

    Third how do you respond to comments like see our smiles, happy faces; we all are so strong; not so anywhere else etc

    4th how do you feel about yourself within yourself fo rpretending to be in?

    No judgements just curious.


  • LongHairGal


    I remember back in the day before I was PIMO and going to the hated meetings -that somebody would always say: “nice to see you here”. Once I said: “You keep saying that and it implies to me that you wonder why I am here”. At least this was how it felt to me.

    Well, I did a ‘fade’ some years later and have been out over eighteen years.👍🏻

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    An older seasoned JW pioneer trying to put me on a guilt-trip recently said to me while I was talking to others in the hall:

    "I miss your comments...I don't hear you comment like you used to!"

    Me to the pioneer: "I don't hear you comment either like I used to!" (I said that sarcastically cause we both know I miss alot of mindless & senseless meetings)


  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    While I was still PIMI but struggling with the hypocrisy and lack of love I felt very alienated from everyone. The last few months I found I could only get inside the KH if I had a drink first.

    I was POMI for quite a while not realising that queasiness I had felt was cognisant dissonance. I only discovered it was the natural psychological reaction to my awakening after I started looking for evidence JWs were not "the truth".

    I greatly admire all those who are PIMO. I don't know how you don't throw up. X

  • joe134cd
    After the initial hurt, devestation, and shock of learning TTATT. I sincerely thought that I could still be a jw while knowing that the Org was imperfect. I remember a comment been made at one of the last conventions I attended, " we know we have got the truth so why do we need to look further". I see now I was sincerely fooling myself back then by thinking that I could successfully live in both worlds. The whole process from learning TTATT to physically walking out the door took me 18 months.
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When I was fading there was one particularly obnoxious "Sister" who would always say in a loud voice

    "Hi Pete....we've missed you...where have you been ? "

    She did this one Sunday after the meeting so I nudged her gently with my elbow and said jokingly

    " Well I've miss you too Mary but you know, if you'd show up to the meetings once in awhile we'd see each other more often " ..

    Everyone nearby chuckled and she laughed uneasily but never said that to me again.

    My strategy was never to explain myself or seem apologetic about anything. If questioned, I'd give them the blankest looks I could muster and act as if I had no idea why they would be concerned about me or asking me such things.

  • WillYouDFme

    For the 2 years or so I was a PIMO and an elder, and giving talks at conventions, it was excruciating.

    I would have to come home and have a scotch after every meeting.

  • Betheliesalot

    One small thing Ive noticed that has been changed is their music is getting a pentecostal makeover, making some of the uber JWs sway and pretend to be directing a choir. Also, when they announce to stand up (if you are able) they have a definite pause before giving out the number, seeing if you are obedient to just stand there for a few seconds, not like before when they announced the song # and then said stand (if you are able). Just a small cult control maneuver .

  • Spiral

    When I still had to go occasionally, I'd be sure to have something I wanted to read downloaded to my tablet. Never did ask for the wifi password, just went prepared to have something to read to try to pass the time.

    As for the nosy questions, one brother tried to guilt me and say "we don't see you very often". I replied "Brother, I know you know all about taking care of dementia patients [which he did, but with help], so you know how difficult it can be getting out". He never cornered me again. Win!

    @bethelliesalot - interesting observations. The emotionalized (is that a word?) makeover is really a bit ..... creepy, the way they are doing it. And your observation about standing and waiting sounds just right. On the rare occasion I'm at the KH now, I really feel like I'm in a very controlled environment. Perhaps it was always that way, but I sure notice it now. Again, creeps me out.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    Hi Bethellies...

    Many times when I did not feel like it then I would just sit during the song.Did get some weird looks but I did it my way.

    Whenever there was supposed to be show of hands money related I would remain neutral and would not raise my hand at all for agree or disagree. i did it my way.

    your 2 hours or more so just wasted (not counting the time getting ready,travelling etc)

    I would be reading a novel on my tablet throughout, have shopped, browsed sales and actually paid for items too. So did not feel like wasting, rather chilling but in a different place. At the assemblies same thing , even listening to music. If i manage to get a hotel on the hall premises or walking distance , I would just go for an hour at lunch time show my face to a couple or so bros and sisi from my cong and leave, Enjoying the day in my hotel room chilling doing my own thing. i did it my way.

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