Christmas arrogance

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  • stillin

    One of the Witness rebuttals that is used to belittle the Christmas holiday is the one where they say that people reduce Jesus Christ to being just a baby in a manger, whereas the Witnesses recognize him as a Mighty King, a much more accurate and current way to view Jesus.

    A baby in a manger is a sweet sight on any day, it's true, but more is going on than meets the eye in the case of Jesus. This particular baby is the FIRST baby to have been born without an earthly father, the immaculate conception. Adam was most likely an adult and we may never know any more about that. But, thousands of years have passed and there hasn't been anything like the conception of Jesus.

    No, the date that we observe Christ's birth is most likely off, but the observance and recognition of the exceptional event is, in my opinion, worthwhile and, to steal a word from the WT, God-honoring.

    Why do the Witnesses get to belittle a day that brings many to contemplate the virgin birth, the arrival of the Jewish Messiah and possibly the only day out of the year that might cause people to wonder who that baby really was?

  • Finkelstein

    Because they are bent on showing how unrighteous and pagan influenced celebrating the birthday of Jesus is by most of Christendom and any participation of all birthday celebrating.

    The JWS will do this but disregard Jesus's instructions in preaching his Kingdom to come and turn it into a tainted commercialized commodity.

    Who is unrighteous then ?

  • ShirleyW

    That's exactly what my mother used to say around this time of year, why do they keep him as a baby? I guess that's the best thing their pompous, smug minds could think of, forgetting that when she and others before they learned the da troof used to celebrate, so why didn't they say that back then when they were actually enjoying themselves on this holiday?

  • nowwhat?

    The heavens and Angels rejoiced when the coming messiah was born to redeem mankind. Who's to say we were not to commemorate the event? (If you a believing Christian) what about the origin?! Witnesses say. Well what about the origin of the name Jehovah!

  • Finkelstein

    It would by all accounts look like there was great celebration of Christ's birth, the lights of Christmas used today come from the Star of Bethlehem, Christ the savior has come to bring light to the world and mankind.

    ........and dont we appreciate a little more light in the darkest days of the winter season.

    I'm not very religious but I do appreciate Christmas lights and hey the kids like them too.

  • LongHairGal

    I always felt it was the JWs end goal to keep people away from their non-Witness relatives and friends. So, they stress how ‘pagan’ Christmas is or go on about the babe in the manger in hopes you will isolate yourself.

    I got wise to this years ago and when I ‘faded’ from the JW religion I sent out Christmas cards for the first time in years. I reconnected with older relatives. I’m grateful I did this before it was too late!

    Now, I appreciate Christmas all the more and make sure I celebrate it and am around those I care about.👍🏻

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    When it comes to Christmas itself Jesus is depicted as a baby because the holiday is based around the story of his birth and the celebration that went on in the heavens and the events that transpired when he was born. The rest of the year they show depictions of Jesus with children gathered around him or hanging on a cross etc but at Christmas they concentrate on his birth.

    One could ask a JW why they always depict Adam and Eve as young people in their literature. Adam is always shown as fit and strong and Eve is young and beautiful with long flowing hair. We all know that Adam and Eve (if they even existed) grew old and died and for most of their lives, they were old people. No one wants to think of that period of their lives rather they want to focus on the story of creation and the hope of returning to perfection.

    JW's and other insecure and resentful people, enjoy feeling extra virtuous about themselves by nit picking and pointing out the supposed flaws in the customs of others instead of marveling at the fact that 2018 years after his death, even though the details may vary, millions of people around the globe still recognize Jesus as the son of God and their savior and celebrating his birth is a happy occasion that keeps the hope of eternal salvation alive.

  • myelaine

    When we celebrate our birthdays we don't open up the photo albums, gather around and coo over "the baby". We want people to relate to us as we are.

    Why would Jesus want it any differently than we do?

  • stillin

    Elaine, because Jesus IS different! As another post points out, even angels came and announced his arrival on earth. It was outstanding, according to Christian theology. Your birth and mine weren't any big deal.

    The gospel accounts made sure that details of Jesus' birth were included. You don't think we should take notice? "Peace on Earth started with a birth" and all of that...

    I bet Donald Trump would want us to oooh and ahhh over HIS baby pictures!

  • myelaine

    Yes, Jesus is different, but we're speaking about His birth...His humanity and that is where I've drawn the comparison. When the bible draws a comparison it speaks to His humanity too. "He was tempted in every way, like us, but He didn't sin". This is speaking of His humanity as an adult, not as a baby. None of the bible writers, the Son or the Father said anything that would cause people to think that Jesus should be celebrated as a baby.

    It is solely a tradition of men. God is not obligated to honour our feelings about "why" we celebrate christmas and He's not obligated to honour the traditions of men. Since December 25th isn't Jesus' birthday, it's even less likely that God honours the christmas celebration with His approval.

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