Received my first letter since leaving

by Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu 20 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu
    Yesu Kristo Bwana Wangu

    Thanks everybody for the help and for the comments. I responded as how I posted above, and he reacted as if he was offended by my reaction, haha. But at least it will stop the preaching from his side, I assume.

    @Etude, that is really interesting! I did not notice that. Indeed, if you only change the name in the letter then it can literally be send to every random person without problem. Weird! I now wonder if he created the letter himself or that he copied it from a pre-existing letter..

    @Toesup I have a great idea to get any JW off your radar. Tell em you short on cash or you need someone to help you move. I can guarantee you'll never hear from him again. Lol

    Haha this is definitely a good idea! I will use this the next time they try to preach...will scare them away very fast.

    Thanks everybody

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