Disassociated for smoking at 15 years old then later after years of shinning befriended again.

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  • TjHunt

    After my 4 and 6 year old sisters and I (5) were molested and covered up by elders, at 15 I'm disassociated for smoking. Then years later after attending a Passover with family members, I'm not suddenly disassociated anymore and attempted befriending begins. Wow. Shunned for years since 1985 without any contact. And I mean NONE. Then, after a change in policy or rules, I'm allowed to associate with them. Like of want to. My own mother barely spoke to me, and to this day, will not speak to her own daughter who got baptized at 12 and then smoked , so got disfellowshipped. A mom. Told to not speak unless nessissary to her own child by elders. Messed up. Now I hear even that is being downgraded to disassociated. Great. Who runs that religion? John Carry?

  • Biahi

    I’m a bit confused, backstory?

  • Rocketman123

    This religion has an innate structure of cruelty and harm for people on various levels.

    Evidence of this is smoking cigarettes which can get you DA but you can drink hard liquor and not bat an eye.

    Or like you stated Tjhunt child molestation gets pushed under the carpet a noted serious crime in the modern world.

    A reason why drinking booze is a problem in the JWS.

  • vienne

    The terminology is wrong. Significantly. This is fiction.

  • Diogenesister

    Vienne you are a judgemental ass. It's not particularly wrong for someone who left at 15.

    Plenty of kids sit in that hall and words just go in one ear and out the other. They often barely remember a thing about doctrine.

  • vienne


    At seven years old my young cousin knows that the annual celebration is not called "Passover." Even the most disinterested Witness child would know that. There are other elements in the original post that do not fit Witness usage that even a young person who would rather be playing a video game would not use.

  • Simon

    Vienne, what a sad person you are to pick up on one word and make so much of it, while ignoring the essence of the story.

  • vienne


    Do things similar to this occur? Oh, yes they do. Do false stories show up here? Absolutely. Should we swallow the false because we object to the Watchtower's abuse? No. I noted one word, but the entire tone marks it as written by someone pretending.

    If I've misjudged the narrator, I am sorry. I do not think I have.

  • Simon

    You're willing to risk being wrong about something so serious just so you can score internet points against a stranger?

    Like I said - sad.

    One thing to remember: even if someone is making a story up (and I see no reason to suppose this is), there can often be people reading who have similar stories and can relate to them, so you're also talking to them to.

    Show a bit of damn compassion FFS.

  • wozza

    Vienne please consider this ,I spent 20 plus years as a JW ,ministerial servant ,pioneered and brought many into the org and yet I still referred to the memorial as the Passover at times simply because the way they used to teach back in the past ,our minds were trained to look at the bible as one book and that from the beginning to the end it gave foregleams and stories which pointed to future events .

    Like the story of the hebrews in Goshen ,the blood on the doorways to protect the people was a foregleam of Christ pouring out his blood to save the people . These events , and others were presented as a long series of one long story of how the world could find salvation before Armaggeddon.

    So I can see how someone who has been isolated from the WTS for a while could either get the terminology mixed up or as above had a view like I had of linking the WT view together to understand the bible stories and the way the WT taught things. It is a bit like viewing The Law of the Jews as an example for the future ,after Christ changed things by fulfilling the Law but after his death up till today the witnesses still live under some kind of WTS laws but they do not refer to them as THE LAW.

    As to whether the OP is genuine how about giving that person a little time to show themself ,they have not been here long have they?

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