Disassociated for smoking at 15 years old then later after years of shinning befriended again.

by TjHunt 11 Replies latest jw experiences

  • vienne

    I'm not sad. I'm skeptical. I have the upmost compassion for those who have suffered at the Watchtower's hands. There is no clear statistical analysis, but there seem to have been many who've been abused in one form or another, and not just sexually. But false stories, and I still think this is one, distract from real tragedies.

    I'm not here to score any sort of points. But I'm also not here to be gullible.

  • wozza

    vienne I agree we can not be gullible but we can't see the actual people on here ,so we don't know if they are lying.

    I have been on the end of criticism here and probably doubt for my expierences given ,but to me they were real.

    Maybe some come here with wrong motive and lies but time will surely catch them out or they just lose interest in shit stirring.Some of the worst people I've known come from the WTS so it would be no surprise to see a few idiots come on here ,but to call out someone whose life has been damaged by others so quickly without getting to see if they are for real is a mistake I think.

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