Two witness rule: Stop using it, its not working on JWs!

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  • Finkelstein

    The fact is there are and were JWS men and woman who intentionally exploited the two witness rule or law to their own specific advantage.

    This so called god's law of two witnesses was also exploited and used to hush up this activity, even to local law authorities.

  • Crazyguy

    Remember the Dateline show years ago, the elder that was accused by a girl in the hall denied it. When the family called the cops under their interrogation he admitted to it. The elders dfd the whole family and the congregation supported the elder even as he went off to prison.

    Also a sister in the hall i grew up in had two sons molested by an older boy in the hall. The elders did nothing and just dragged their feet. She called the cops and after the investigation the perp went to juvenile detention for awhile. The elders treated the mother like crap after and she either left the cult or moved to another congregation.

  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins
  • smiddy3

    By the very fact JW`s hold a Judicial Committee to investigate Child Sexual abuse or any other abuse against a child condemns them as being negligent in protecting a minor.

    Their holding a Judicial Committee is an admission of an allegation of a crime has been committed and should have been reported to the Police/Child protection Authorities when they have been first made aware of it and let the appropriate authorities investigate the complaint and not be involved at all until after the matter has been finalized by the legal system.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The "victim" is a witness to the crime. The Perpetrator is a witness to the crime.

    Where in The Book does it say that the "witnesses" must be external to the crime?

    Why should the Perpetrator enjoy a man-made advantage?

  • joe134cd

    What I can't get my head around is how they will fly a countries national flag because it's required by law, and yet they can't report child sex abuse because the law requires it. Why not say according to our beliefs we cannot convict a man because of the 2 witnesses rule. But this dosnt mean we can act in an irresponsible manner when a crime is reported to us. If the law requires us to do something we must comply. I honestly believe the only thing that will stop watchtower behaving in this manner is when it just gets to expensive or there is just so much public pressure to keep doing it.

  • smiddy3

    I think the biggest problems here , have been and not in any order are .:

    1. Jehovah`s Witnesses have viewed sexual abuse against a child in their Congregations as a sin and not a crime ? for far too long ?

    2. For JW`s Elders to report such allegations to law enforcement / child protection authorities would be an admission that the JW religion is no better than any other false religion and to report such an allegation would only bring reproach on Jehovah`s name.

    3 . First and foremost that must be protected is the image of the WTB&TS /JW.Org. representing Jehovah God and his recently installed King Christ Jesus in the Heavens in 1914.

    4 . And if anybody who claims to be a Jehovah`s Witness and commits a wrongdoing to bring reproach on his name and Earthly organization we will simply point out they are only volunteers and will be disfellowshiped .

  • carla

    My jw does agree that forensic evidence could be considered a 'second' witness. But, if it is a child maybe they are not trustworthy witnesses to the crime or they misconstrued the entire thing. I ask him how many people bring a second witness to the rape/molestation of child? No answer, even though he knows the answer is 0. I ask him if he agrees that forensic evidence can be counted as a second witness but the jw parents first call the elders then they have to discuss and call headquarters and in the meantime days have passed and all forensic evidence is washed away by then, what then? no answer, change the subject or we must protect a man's reputation from possible false accusations. Disgusting.

    I think and hope he does struggle with this but it is much easier for the typical jw to 'leave it to jah' than to think they themselves are guilty of promoting child abuse by their silence and continuing to contribute monetarily to this cult.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Carla: While I was still in, it was clear in my head that if anyone molested my kids, I would immediately get the police involved. As a witness, the overall child molestation issue didn't move me at all as I blamed the parents for most of this. After all, since 2004(?), it was allowed to go see the cops on such matter.

    The whole point of my post is that many JWs would go see the cops and blame the parents. They fail to realize that the absolute lack of support from the congregation is, in fact preventing the cops from doing their jobs.

  • Betheliesalot

    This lawsuit has been over 4 years ago, anyone know the verdict? I recall seeing this clip live, but just recently googled it to find it on youtube. Thank goodness for youtube to keep reports like this alive and not hidden like they had been in the past.

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