The JW's Got More than what They Bargained For!

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  • Atlantis

    Their research showed them that the two witness rule doesn't always apply. Older publications gave them something to think about!


    The Watchtower Society encourages Jehovah's Witnesses to read,
    examine, and learn from their older publications.




    "One day in about October 1941, while I was witnessing in the
    marketplace, someone spoke about a Witness of Jehovah who lived in a
    nearby town. He was a former policeman named Christos Triantafillou. I
    went to see him and learned that he had been a Witness since 1932. How
    happy I was when he provided me with many older Watch Tower
    publications! These really helped me make spiritual progress."

    Scan: Takes a few seconds See green underlining.

    Watchtower/1957/5/15/pg.313, par. 8/

    "8 Do you dig out older publications to expand and deepen your
    knowledge on subjects about which questions arise? Have you really
    studied these earlier publications? When a brother gives a talk, can
    you, to impress the information upon your mind further, identify the
    particular publication from which his points were taken?"

    Scan: See green underlining.


    Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing are following these instructions
    and finding out more than what they bargained for.

    One JW who contacted us described an older publication that threw out
    the two witness rule if a person felt they needed protection or felt
    threatened. He said the publication described a sister who "felt" she
    needed protection and called police on a fellow believer!

    Reviewing that statement again: the sister only "felt" as though she
    needed protection and called police. The police were called on
    nothing more than scared feelings!

    This sister was not being physically abused like the children of JW's are today.

    There were no witnesses to verify if she was actually in any danger,
    yet in her mind, she felt she needed protection and called police on a
    fellow believer. Was she reproved for calling the police? No. Did
    she lose any privileges for calling the police on a fellow member?
    No. Was she disfellowshiped for calling the police or talking to
    others about the incident? No.

    The 1906 Watchtower/June/15/pg's. 220-222/ informs us, that calling
    the police on another person in the organization if we feel we need
    protection is justified. And no mention is made of needing two
    witnesses to do so.

    Surely, in the case of an abused child when life is at risk a JW
    parent should have the same rights as Pastor Russell's sister.

    Margaret M. Land had nothing more than a "feeling" or "worry" and was
    able to call police on her own relative and member of the


    Watchtower 1906/June/15/pg's. 220-222, Reprint pg. 3315

    "This was in the beginning of 1903, and led me to conclude that my
    endeavor to help my wife was being taken advantage of by the adversary
    as a means to do injury to the Truth to which I have consecrated life
    and all. I concluded that assistance from me must stop, and put my
    sister in charge of the residence, reserving however a room for Mrs.
    Russell and arrange for her boarding. The result was a commotion,
    Mrs. Russell, her relatives and roomers, created such a disturbance
    that my sister was obliged to call for the protection of the police,
    while Mrs. Russell and her friends misrepresented matters through the
    public press to the extent of their ability."

    Scan: Takes a few seconds. See red arrow bottom left.


    Russell's sister was able to call the police when she felt she needed
    protection, and yet when this case went to court, her complaint was
    thrown out because she had no witnesses and she had to pay court
    costs. If she had two witnesses she probably would have won the case.

    "Undoubtedly at the instruction of Charles Taze Russell, Margaret Land
    immediately filed legal charges against both Maria Russell and Emma
    Russell for "forcible entry and detainer". Margaret Land also filed
    the same charge against one of Maria's boarders whom had also gained
    entry to his room through a window in order to remove his personal
    property. Outcome of that case unknown. However, on Wednesday, the two
    court cases against Maria and Emma were dismissed by the magistrate's
    court, with court costs assigned to Margaret Land."

    Why aren't Jehovah's Witnesses given the same rights when they feel
    their child needs protection? The Russell's and Margaret Land called
    police whenever they felt like it, and they did so against a fellow
    believer. I don't recall Charles, Maria, or Margaret ever being
    disfellowshiped for apostasy and most of their fighting was over
    material things.


    At around 3:00 P.M., Monday, March 16, 1903, Pastor Charles Taze
    Russell called at the local police precinct and requested police
    assistance to evict Maria Russell and her six tenants from Russell's
    apartment house on Cedar Avenue that Maria had been "occupying" for
    nearly four years. The police refused to get involved at that point.
    Accompanied by 4 males and 2 females from the Bible House, Russell
    arrived at the home of Maria Russell and attempted to gain entry.
    However, Maria locked the doors and refused to let in Russell and his
    Bible House bullies. Taze called the police, while Maria called her
    attorney, whom instructed Maria to maintain her resistance. The
    responding police officers attempted to bluff Maria into unlocking the
    doors, but Maria stood her ground. After the police left, Taze broke a
    ground floor side window in an attempt to get in, and reportedly cut
    his arm sufficiently that it had to be bandaged. Taze and his Bible
    House Bethelite bullies eventually gained entry and began evicting
    Maria's boarders and/or their personal property. Russell and his thugs
    brought along their own personal property, which they placed inside
    the rental rooms of the large residence. Maria Russell summoned the
    police for their help, but the responding two male officers refused to
    stop CTR

    That is a lot of calls to the police accusing another person and sometimes without
    two witnesses, to the point that at times the police didn't even want
    to get involved. This mess certainly brought an abundance of reproach
    on Jehovah's name.

    When the higher-ups can call the police whenever they see fit, then
    certainly to protect the life of a child or loved one, Jehovah's
    Witnesses should be able to do the same thing without any punishments
    at all.

    The JW's who spoke with me read their older publications and they
    certainly got more than what they bargained for.


  • jwleaks

    There are written instructions to the elders to first call the police ic they find vandalism or damage at a Kingdon Hall. If they contact the Watchtower Legal Department first they will be told to report it to the police.

    A broken window can be caused by vandalism or a bird hitting it or even a stone flicked up from gardening equipment. Regardless, call the police.

    In vandalism situations it is acceptable for elders to get the help of their wife or a sister to document the damage and help make a report. Why? Because it is a crime and a police matter. The 'two witnesses'becone the sister and brother who discovered the broken window, not who witnessed the window being vandalised.

    If a local xjw or apostate is known to have vandalised the hall in the past he or she can also reported to the police despite no 'witness.'

  • AbusedandPissed

    Watchtower has actually always said that if someone is a victim of a crime it is not against the prohibition of taking your brother to court to report it.

  • Atlantis


    Absolutely! But if a child is molested! Well, call the Watchtower legal department. Watchtower property is held in higher regard than the life of a child.


  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Questioning why the BS is stacked one way instead of another is futile. Maybe some poor witness will see and open their eyes but I kind of doubt it. Russell has been deposed and is therefore irrelevant.

  • Atlantis

    therefore irrelevant?

    Not as long as they keep mentioning him in their literature!


  • Heather Collins
    Heather Collins


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