Two witness rule: Stop using it, its not working on JWs!

by StephaneLaliberte 61 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

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    Brokeback WT - "Their holding firmly to the 2 witness rule while at present seems to be untenable due too greater public awareness and the shear volume of lawsuits this has caused. "

    Well, it's either that or capitulate to "apostates" and "Satan's World", and I suspect they'd rather the WTS crash and burn* before they do that.

    (*...which, ironically, would end up confirming what "apostates" have been saying all along anyway - that the WTS isn't God's Earthly Organization" - 'cause there's no way "Jehovah" would allow that to happen if it actually were... :smirk:)

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    I'll say this... least the Org hasn't been stoopid enough try and play the "we-must-obey-God's-law-rather-than-man's" card in this matter... far, anyway.

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