So, is God a rapist!?

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  • hothabanero

    troll or not, it is worthless input. It is like sending an angry letter to a video game company because a zombie shooter triggered someones germophobia. I fully second the motion to get back on topic and let David recover in peace! David if you are real I wish you and your family the very best!

  • sparrowdown

    I always thought DJ was well liked and his input on threads appreciated with many telling him so.

    This site must be difficult to figure out for someone who has never been JW, taken out of context many of the topics and comments could come off as bizarre. Most of the topics started I generally view as "just running it up the flagpole" stuff and as such I try not to take anything said here too seriously

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The problem with people like David_Jay is that he always "has all the answers". He used to apply to the understanding of the Jewish faith he claimed one can only understand by being in special relationship with particular rabbi (basically, a secret and unique faith that is not only very correct but only he can understand), but then when you confront them with logic, they stop responding and just jump onto another part. I understand there are people like that of every faith, but they are intellectually dishonest.

    Just like the person here that posted "God doesn't work through force, nor will he compel man in matters of salvation. And he honors man's free agency" - you must not have read the Bible, especially the first few books then -

    Man created god in his image, and in that image, he rapes, he pillages, he creates and wins war and he does everything an all-powerful being could possibly get away with.

  • David_Jay

    Hi, folks. This is David.

    Despite my brother-in-law's best intentions, I apologize that he has been a bit too zealous on my account. Forgive his use of profanity.

    To outsiders this forum is not well understood. The pain of others that we often project towards one another (since we don't have the Watchtower to directly confront) can come off as bullying. Sometimes it does cross that line, and we ourselves can be the last to see it as that. But who else can we get mad at and with?

    I am following everyone's advice and staying away after this, but I wanted to end on a good note and apologize for Chuck. He is overly protective.

    As for Anony Mous's last words: You are wrong. I am a post-rabbinical Jew. You can also read any of my comments here or ask anyone like Cofty that I do not nor have ever claimed to have all the answers and have never stated that Judaism or religion has all the answers. I don't believe anything along the lines of what you have written. That was a false statement about me and a personal attack. I will leave it at that.

    Farewell to everyone else. Again my apologies for Chuck's behavior.

  • sparrowdown

    Don't sweat it David.

    Yes even if someone knows stuff about JWs from studying them or knowing them it's never ever the same as having been one. You really had to have been there to get it!

    It must be so nice that someone cares so much about you they will go into bat for you with a bunch of ex-jws lol.

    For the sake of your mental and emotional health the trick is that whatever happens on this site, walk away, back to the real world and leave on this site. But please come back and say hi.

    All the best to you

    Sparrow xo


    Back to the topic now. Yes the imaginary Jehovah is a rapist because everyone here, their mind was raped with delusional beliefs. So much that many suffer from ptsd. Rape victims usually suffer from this condition. If it wasn't for the knowledge of TTATT and support from this forum or a therapist, many would have a range of mental disorders like suicidal ideation, fear,depression, guilt. Just to name a few.

    The Bible is an evil book. The writers of it should have been crucified.

    Yes god is a rapist. An imaginary rapist.

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