So, is God a rapist!?

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  • jp1692

    Crazyguy: But I will say this if you can’t take criticism or disagreement then you should not post on a public forum.

    ^^^ THIS ^^^

    We discuss, debate and deconstruct beliefs here, particularly those in reference to Jehovah's Witnesses, which is a fundamentalist Christian religion with strong leanings to an Old Testament/Jewish interpretation of the Bible.

    Sometimes we are more or less objective. Often we are irreverent, particularly when we (as individuals or a group) have come to believe that said belief under discussion is ridiculous.

    Lampooning BELIEFS is not the same as a PERSONAL ATTACK.

    To echo Crazyguy's sentiment, if anyone finds such conversations offensive, then the best and easiest solution to their problem is this: Don't read them. Yes, it's really that easy.

    Or, as my grandmother used to say, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!"

  • David_Jay

    David had been acting very anxious for several weeks, especially after hurricane Irma struck us here in Florida. As part of an adult Asperburgers/Autism support group, his therapy leaders and I went searching for the cause. We found it: this forum.

    Just because some here didn't read the comments we found aimed at David, doesn't mean they weren't there. We read them all, the ones where he was taunted repeatedly with the phrase "getting your panties all twisted in a wad" or where he was repeatedly called "stupid...insane...brainless" and countless times where various posters attacked his culture, his race's traditions etc. If you would like I can even list the names of all the posters and the personal insults and curse words that various people called David as he posted. We copied everything down.

    On top of that, if I have to keep on reminding you, David is atypical. He doesn't understand each time something is meant to be a simple lampoon or get jokes as easily as the rest of you. To be honest, you folks don't make it clear at all, and in some cases we had a hard time seeing a difference on this site... And we don't have autism!

    The front page of this site claims it offers support and tolerance. Instead, what I am reading here from JP1692 is that what you really offer is only distrust, challenges, and fiery heat to everyone who passes through. If they don't measure up to these standards, you spit them out.

    Congrats. You just replaced one high control group with another that practices shunning and excommunication just like the group you left. And just like the group you left, you blame the victims for not fitting in. Good job guys, you've invented a new online cult.

    I'm moving on now. Enjoy lampooning, putting people under "the heat" and then blaming them if they cannot stay in your "kitchen," but lying to them on your front page on how this is a welcoming page of support and tolerance. You really learned how to be just like the Watchtower cult, didn't you?

  • jp1692
    DJ: David had been acting very anxious for several weeks ... I went searching for the cause. We found it: this forum.

    So why do you keep coming here?

    You repeatedly tell us that you two are very intelligent and very educated. So why keep doing something that causes you distress? That doesn’t seem very smart.

    By the way, when new members join this forum they will often make an introductory post so we can get to know them. Forum members are generally very supportive of such posts and welcoming. When David did that two years ago, his responses were very favorable:

    His OP on that thread got 60 "Likes"!

    But when anyone jumps into a thread on a controversial subject they should expect a different experience. That is NOT the place to try and turn the topic into a discussion about themselves and their personal issues.

    If the title of this particular thread wasn’t enough to warn you of its content then Stuckinarut2’s opening warning should have been:

    OK, I apologize in advance if this seems irreverent to those who believe in God ...”

    Seriously, what did you expect? And why have you returned here to rant against unnamed individuals for offending your friend by posting on a thread that he never posted on and has nothing to do with him? Prior to your post a few hours ago, the only "David" mentioned in this thread is David Hume.

    Please, if you feel the need to address the people that you believe offended you, then address them directly. Or better yet: let it go. You'll feel better.

    BTW, I'd personally appreciate it if you would reread the message I wrote to you 16 days ago. You can access that comment: here. That was on a thread I started, titled: Are Religious People Happier?

  • cofty

    Mr Dunn please tell David I got his message and send him my very best wishes.

  • hothabanero

    I am sorry if this come off as a bit offensive, but it has to be said: I am like 99.9% sure we are dealing with a troll. I have seen this tactic elsewhere, along with the related "I am from the police and the poster XX just killed himself last night, we are here to investigate the harassment leading up to his dead and would like your personal information"

    The "fuckings" and the "I might sound like David but.." stuff on the previous page are IMO sure giveaways.

  • hothabanero

    in real life, a relative would just have closed the account (=changed password) and dealt with it on that end.

  • stuckinarut2

    jp1692 has summed things up very well!

    This thread had nothing to do with an "attack" on an individual. It was a thread about a biblical topic. Nothing more, nothing less.

    To imply that it was hurtful toward an individual, or to have it railroaded into a direction it was never intended is sad.

    Having said that, the comments made under david jays name re the "annunciation" were interesting. While this does not seem to be present in the actual text of the bible itself, the idea is interesting anyway. Thanks for that contribution.

  • cofty
    I am like 99.9% sure we are dealing with a troll. - Hot...

    I'm certain you are wrong. Let it go.

  • hothabanero

    @cofty: you got contacted by the relatives? did they prove they knew David IRL?

    it is a bizarre way to deal with this issue. There are a million worse places on the internet (for instance, the youtube comments section) & it will in no way help David.

  • jp1692

    I for one do not think Mr. Dunn is trolling, but he has hijacked this thread just as he has done before.

    We've had our say, how 'bout getting back to the OP?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    Image result for anyone?

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