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  • jelly

    When do you think the preaching work will expand in china? How about the middle east (Iran, Iraq, UAE, etc)? Do you think the angels play a great role in getting honest harted people out of these countries( through emmigration) into lands where the preaching work is being conducted to a greater degree. So maybe before the great tribulation the preaching work will not have to be expanded in those countries?I dont know, just a thought, or do you feel that the preaching work will be complete world wide to as great a degree as in western europe and the western hemishpere?

  • Simon

    The world is changing fast...globalisation, western countries expanding into the far east and China, the Internet etc...
    I'm sure any honest hearted ones will get a chance to hear the message before it's too late.
    Maybe the work won't be as intense as in the West where there has been more freedom but with the spread of the Internet the restrictive regimes will find it harder and harder to stop information getting to people who need it.

  • NaweOfJah

    A brother and sister I know are preparing for preaching in China- or to Chinese immigrants- now. They began learning Chinese three years ago in hopes of sharing the good news with honest-hearted ones there.

    They don't know the future holds but they wanted to be ready. You would like them. They have a great love for Jehovah's sheep and appreciate the privilege of going to such ones.

  • minimus

    The preaching work is one of the biggest scams going. Publishers are told that they will be bloodguilty if they do not reach these people.Let's say they find an interested person home and for whatever reason, they never find them home again due to work schedules, moving, or because the publisher didn't get to the house on time and the interested person just missed the Witness....Now they are going to DIE. dumb

  • Satanus

    Christianity and the cults will follow capitalism into china. Given the group think mentality of the chinese, it will probably spread like fire there, once it gets started. Likely something like it did in japan. The way fulan gong spread shows how suceptable they are. After a few decades, jwism probably will die down as fast as it gets started.


  • Flip
    They have a great love for Jehovah's sheep and appreciate the privilege of going to such ones. billion+ Chinese served by 2 'guys' (Jehovah's Witnesses)...ITcould happen!

    ...Let's see, potentially one billion x the equivalent 'donation' of .25US per issue = $250,000,000US tax free every two weeks. I can imagine Mcdonalds (Asia) being envious.

    Mind you, if the Chinese government takes exception to an American, so-called 'religious', Corporation sopping up loose change on Chinese soil and levys a revenue tax, rest assured the 'great love for Jehovah's sheep' will be a token effort and used for marketing purposes elsewhere.

  • sweetsevda

    it could happen

  • mrsjones5

    when sweet and sour pork flies

  • minimus


    Look at Simon's response in believing "honest hearted ones will get a chance to hear the message before it's too late".

  • minimus

    I still say the "preaching work" is the biggest scam going. If JWs REALLY wanted to get the "life-saving message" out, they would put all that useless money (unrighteous riches) into advertising just like Da Judge said. But they'll never spend all their capital because they know it's all BS.

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