I think Splane is the Cult Leader. And I think there are more apostates working on the inside than we can imagine.

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  • minimus

    Didn’t see the video but I’m wondering is it possible that Watchtower is referring to cases in Russia and other countries where they are losing court decisions?? Unless I missed something on this thread it appears we are assuming it’s all about child abuse cases. It could be but it could be referring to something else.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I didnt watch it all. The thing is longer than a sunday meeting.

    I did pick out bribed judges which could be Russia. But he also mentioned making deals to avoid information coming out. Settling out of court has nothing to do with a case between 2 brothers.

    I never saw a bigger sour puss. Kinda a " you will obey" expression.

  • asp59

    Either way, talking abouth unfair courts after Org lost many cases if child abuse, shows total lack of sensitivity and morals. It's time to open the cage's for the writing department, give them there bananas, and set them free. The more they write, the more watchtower gets in trouble.

  • smiddy3

    Still no video or link about what Splane said ? And why did the OP say he thought that their were more apostates working on the inside ?

    OK , I guess this answers that

    ,No matter how hard they try, there is always someone in the inside leaking videos or secret letters.

  • CallmeAl

    These defiant claims of Splane sound just like the childish whining of Trump when he was exposed.

  • skin

    It is now available to watch on jw.org, watched it today as part of the Saturday afternoon convention program, last talk. He has lots to say to scare witnesses, to stop them from looking outside the words of WT.

  • Rocketman123

    How do religious cults control people ?

    Through fear (superstition), lies, ignorance and propagating supportive information only.

    Put all of those endeavors together and you can form a following or cult.

  • skin

    Here is a the link to the video in question. Fast forward to the 1hr-03min mark to see the start of his talk. So much control using fear going on here.


  • Jehalapeno
    Still no video or link about what Splane said ? And why did the OP say he thought that their were more apostates working on the inside ?

    It's now available on the JW dot org website (see the links above.)

    Previously, the only place to see it was a response video by a particular YouTuber.

    Posting links to his videos is against board rules, I believe.

  • Phizzy

    There is a fairly accurate transcript of the Talk on Reddit.

    " And why did the OP say he thought that there were more apostates working on the inside ? "

    I would like to know if this is mere opinion, or there is some solid proof of this. I have long thought there are SOME "awake" folks working inside to undermine the evil org, but my humble opinion, just a gut feeling, is that they are few, but that PIMO's are many, but keep their heads down.

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