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  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    Thanks for starting this thread. You got some good replies.


    It almost seems like perhaps born-ins consider the converts to be a bit stupid, to have been sucked in by it all.

    I couldn't agree more with this statement! I was never actually converted, but I did fall in love with the idea for awhile. Luckily for us, we awoke in time to get out before it was too late. Our withdrawal was very easy. However, my parents and sister ended up joining, and I often wonder if I could have rescued them before they jumped in the pool.

    For me, the first approach by JW's, was when I was separated from my husband. I loved my new "friends," and it was so easy to feel loved and accepted. They seemed so happy! I ended up going back to my husband, and they sent a follow-up referral to our home a few months later.

    Again, I was courted by new friends, and was eager to become a better person and learn about the Bible. Their program was so organized, and I think the structure gave me some comfort, when my life felt so chaotic and without purpose. Little by little, they worked on me, encouraging me to ask as many questions as I could think to ask... "Do your research, and see! We have the TRUTH!"

    It all fell apart, when our independent research turned up some evidence of past events and prophecies that they hadn't mentioned. When I asked about them, we were suddenly accused of "listening to apostates!" (first time hearing that word...)

    That reasoning didn't make sense to us. Why can't you listen to an ex-JW, if you want to know what it's like to be a JW?

  • Faithful Witness
    Faithful Witness

    My mother, father, sister, brother-in-law, and niece (now 13) are all baptized converts. My sister no longer speaks to me, or allows her children (nephew is 11) near me.

    My mom and I had a long talk a couple of weeks ago, and I got to hear some of her reasoning about the JW's. It was very interesting.

    She doesn't really seem to have any true friends in the congregation, or anyone she would feel comfortable asking questions. She admits to being confused, and really put that confusion in a spotlight, when she attempted to explain the idea of an overlapping generation and how 1914 was still important.

    She couldn't answer any of my real questions, but seems to be in love with a few of their unique beliefs.

    - She would prefer to live forever on earth, than to go to heaven ("What would you do up there, anyway?")

    - No hell.

    - The resurrection of anyone who dies before Armageddon, so she can see her own mother again, and hopefully convert her.

    She also claims to enjoy field service. "It's actually kinda fun!"

    I can't speak for my other family members... but my mom, while admitting, "I know I'm not 100% in this," seems to have herself convinced that it's all worth the effort right now. This religion has torn our family apart. It's sad.

  • elderINewton

    I was a convert.

    She found me finishing university, and well Girls can make you do anything. She still can.

    I still finished university, but non-science degrees.

    I'm going to sound like Steve H, but I had just broken up with a long-time G.F. and sure enough this pretty blonde enters my world, but I have to convert to date. Rest is history.

  • Sofia Lose
    Sofia Lose

    Born in.

    The indoctrination is ingrained in my being. It is all I know.



  • Clambake

    I was in a congregation one time of about 80-100 publishers and I think maybe 40% were converts. It was weird. The elder situation was quite strange too. About 2/3 were converts but the real heavies were the five/six generation real asshole types.

    It literally reminded me of the Disney movie minions. If there was a JC it was really just one elder against one person , the other two were just filler and yes men.

    It would be interesting to go back and see who is still in. I see they get about 40 cars ( I counted ) on an average Sunday but who knows. They recently merged with another congregation.

  • Clambake

    I remember there were these two converts in our congregation. Husband and wife. They were about 65 years old. They moved through the ranks verily quick. I think from the first knock on the door till the time they were baptized it was maybe six months.

    I was attending with my girlfriend now wife . I was studying with an elder. I later found out he was an umber scary hard ass. Even some of the current in good standing dubs told me he was bad news. After about the third time we studied he marked my wife right in front of me. Fuck that guy.

    I talked to these converts about 2 years later, we had actually moved to another city. They told me they didn’t attend anymore and what happened to me was quite eye opening. It kind of got the ball rolling.

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