Achilles heel of Watchtower publications

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  • WireRider

    Achilles heel?

    Charles Russell never passed the 7th grade. Yet created and encyclopedia sets about the Bible because regular people were too stupid to actually READ the Bible and figure it out for themselves. He went right from Dungeons & Dragons to explaining a very long dead, and debunked, version of religion.

    Russell was NEVER an ordained minister/pastor from any church. In my opinion it renders the JW/WT, all claims to have ordained others, teachings, and marriages as false.

    Russell never passed the 7th grade - no wonder he didn't want anyone to go tho high school or collage.

    Russell was divorced. I thought that is a bad thing. Hypocrite. He was an ass and his wife filed for divorce to get away from him. People listen to him preach about marriage? He promised God to be/stay married forever. Or is that just what they tell people? They do not allow divorced people to re-marry. (they newspaper articles and divorce court transcripts can be found online - he was diddling the 14yr house girl locking himself in her room often overnight. She couldn't testify as she was then on a slooow boat to Australia with a pocket full of cash.)

    Rutherford, who insisted on being called "Judge" was never ever a judge. He ripped off 19 million (or some 150 million in modern equivalent) to build a mansion in California - during the great depression era. Really?

  • MightyV8

    Everything they print is worthless

    .... most of it is worthless.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Watchtower publications: written by idiots and read by idiots.

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