Achilles heel of Watchtower publications

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  • Gorbatchov

    The WTS has published over it's existence during the years a flood of books and magazines.

    Many of the content of this publications includes topics about the medical, social, history field and also counsel about life style.

    The Achilles heel of all these publications is, that they are written mainly by amateurs, without verification and validation. Most of it is worthless. If you want to know how history did not take place, read a Watchtower history publication like the Daniel, Jesaja and Jeremiah-books.

    How come they away with it?


  • prologos
    they got away with it, because nobody seriously educated ever read them, and any comments to the effect that they were flawed were squelched.
  • eyeuse2badub

    Just like the translation committee that wrote the new world translation of the bible. They have no viable credentials. They're amateurs!

    just saying!


  • SafeAtHome

    Hey, mean I didn't get the equivalent of a college education reading their literature for 25 years? Well darn anyway!

  • xjwsrock

    Captive audience. They are just preaching to the choir.

    If someone in the professional fields of study exposed the JW's for being ignorant, uneducated , or stupid, the reaction would be a collective "Well Duh! What else is new?!"

    All fundamentalist religious groups possess a similar level of ignorance. It is well known to the experts.

  • daringhart13

    They got away with it because the vast majority of JW's don't read the Bible, their literature or anything else.

    They go to meetings and get pounded with cult reasoning/phrases and repeat it over and over over.......dare I say "repetition for emphasis'

    It is literally shocking how FEW JW's have ever read anything from the Society.

    Proof? Listen to those 'elders' on the stand during the Australian hearings. They are clearly very, very uneducated people....regarding their own damn religion!!!!

  • processor
    these publications ... are written ... without verification and validation

    This is not true. They are verified and validated. Not against reality though, but against previous Watchtower publications.

  • slimboyfat
    There are intelligent Witnesses who could write good content but the GB would be wary of allowing others undue "prominence".
  • smiddy


    So true in what you say

    Anybody with half a brain should have been embarrassed by the responses , the silence before responding , the deer in the headlight look at these Elders giving testimony , They came across as hillbilly hicks . Have you been following the proceedings either on T.V. or the media ? No why not ? I do not want to be influenced in my answers . ( or such like )

    And the other Elder who never reads newspapers , watches TV news ,programs ., etc. and the J W representatives that did outright lie / mislead the Royal Commission under testimony , .And if they are allowed to get away with that I will be outraged and seek to rectify that matter .

    No normal everyday ordinary J.W. would get away with what these Celebrity Jw`s have got away with over the decades.

    The regular , ordinary J.W. would be hauled before a judicial committee and have you disfellowshiped and shunned by every other J .W. including your own family for the rest of your life..

    Unless you repented , and after jumping through hoops you was accepted back into the fold.


    And I would suggest the average J.W. is lazy intellectually , they don`t check things out for themselves , they let big brother or is it mother do it for them .

  • smiddy

    Celebrity Jehovah`s Witnesses have got away with things that the ordinary J W would be hauled over the coals for , counselled and even had a Judiciary Committee about for their actions or conduct .

    If you have celebrity status you get a free get out of jail card .

    Double standards ? now why would that be .?

    Celebrities can donate $$$$$$$$$$ `s

    Ordinary Jo -Blo or Flo blo ., no money ? , make an example of him or her .to the rest of the congregation.


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